Zoho Finance Platform Achieves 70% Year-on-Year Growth in MEA and Expands Product Offering

  • Zoho Books now offers 14 editions

Dubai: Zoho Corporation, a leading global technology company, today announced that the Zoho financial platform has achieved 70% year-on-year (YOY) revenue growth in the MEA region, supporting over half a million businesses in over 160 countries. The suite’s flagship accounting app, Zoho Books, saw 80% growth in MEA and 71% in the UAE in 2021.

Driving the platform’s growth is the global expansion of its cloud-based accounting application, Zoho Books, which now supports 180 currencies, 17 languages ​​and is backed by a comprehensive global tax engine that solves country-specific tax compliance issues. The accounting application now supports 14 editions, including a global version.

“We have seen excellent adoption of Zoho’s suite of financial applications by businesses in the MEA region, as well as around the world. Zoho’s financial platform provides businesses with unparalleled breadth and depth of capabilities This allows businesses to customize apps, expand capabilities and scale solutions to rapidly scale with their changing needs,” said Hyther Nizam, President MEA of Zoho. over the years is proof of that. We will continue to invest in the platform to make it a truly innovative solution that businesses can leverage to reach their full potential.”

Launched in 2011, Zoho Books is among the top five most profitable Zoho products both globally and in the MEA region. The accounting app has editions worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, Australia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Oman. Zoho Books is a government-recognized VAT compliant solution in the United Arab Emirates (FTA), as well as a VAT and e-Invoicing compliant solution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (ZATCA).

Zoho’s financial platform includes solutions for accounting, inventory management, travel and expense management, and billing and subscription management. These applications are built on the same underlying platform, enabling instant interoperability, seamless data flow, and unification between systems. Typically, companies start using one of the financial products and then expand their use to other applications in the suite. On average, customers who have been using Zoho Books for more than a year adopt at least two other applications in the financial suite.

Beyond products and platform, companies can benefit from the strength of the ecosystem. The financial platform comes with a growing network of payment gateways, banks, travel partners, and shopping carts. Businesses can also connect to third-party applications through APIs and Zoho Marketplace. This drastically reduces the need to invest in IT resources and allows them to be quickly marketed with any change.

Zoho Finance Plus starts at AED 699 per month per organization. Zoho Books starts at AED 69 per month per organization. For more pricing information, please visit: www.zoho.com/books/pricing/


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