Young author kicks off book sales for Christmas Wish from the Goat

Self-published author Desirae Messmer donates a portion of her book sales to The Goat’s Christmas Wish.

The Grade 11 student who wrote the graphic novel ‘The Monster Hunt’ when she was in Grade 7 wants to help families over the holidays.

“Every year over Christmas time, my mom makes Christmas extra special for my sister and me – and I was hoping to donate five dollars from every purchase of my book to the Goat’s Christmas Wish, so I could help someone else’s Christmas be special.

The book tells the story of two friends who hunt a monster only to find they are being misled. A sequel is currently in the works.

When the book was published, copies were sold in distant Europe and Hawaii. The young

When she was in 8th grade, Desirae Messmer read her book to a class with special needs in Hawaii. [Photo: Sandra Hollenberg, supplied]

the author had the opportunity to travel to Hawaii and read to a class with special needs. She was able to connect a young person from this class who was a talented artist with a local writer who at the time was looking for an artist to do drawings for an upcoming book.

“My grandmother’s condo neighbor was an author who was looking for someone to illustrate and draw drawings for his book. And I told him that I knew this great artist, and I put them together. And now he makes beautiful designs for the author,” says Messmer.

The young author will be at the Flaming Iron and Arts stand at the Lloydminster Christmas Craft Fair this weekend with copies of her book. Residents can also obtain a copy of the book from Triland Welding & Machine Ltd, 5316 – 51 Street.