Warhammer creator Games Workshop pays staff £10m in profits after recent success

Staff at Nottingham-based Games Workshop have shared their success after their profits jumped by at least £4million in the last financial year. The Warhammer World creator says he paid his staff £10m as they shared in the company’s profits following his recent success.

The Lenton-based company said pre-tax profit would have reached as much as £155m in the year to May 29, up from £151m a year earlier.

The company creates fantastic miniatures that are popular around the world with collectors and gamers. Its Nottingham headquarters at Willow Road is home to more than 1,000 staff, according to the company’s Linkedin page. There the staff designs miniatures, games, books, paints, brushes and all other products.


In its latest financial results, the company says its revenue would have risen to as much as £385m from £353m. And the company said it paid out £10m to its staff as they shared in the company’s profits, while shareholders received £77m in dividends.

Full results for the year will be published at the end of next month. The shares fell 3.4%.

It comes after the company, which is headquartered in Willow Road, Lenton, announced a new TV series based on some of its products. The Eisenhorn TV series is listed in the IMBd movie database as “in development”.

Warhammer is popular with fans around the world and has a large number of high profile fans. In February, Superman actor Henry Cavill visited the Warhammer World headquarters in Nottingham after talking about his love for Games Workshop products.

The Superman star previously opened up about his love for the famous Nottingham company during an interview with the BBC’s Graham Norton.