Vauxhall Finance Main sponsor of the Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards 2022

A premier Welsh awards ceremony, which celebrates the achievements of inspiring women, welcomed Vauxhall Finance to a polling position as title sponsor.

Determined to become an employer of choice for women in Wales, the company supports the 2022 Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards, which recognize women who are making a difference across the country.

The gender equality charity organizes the event to highlight and champion the contributions of remarkable women from all walks of life. This is well aligned with Vauxhall Finance which runs an internal Women Inspiration Network (WIN) which encourages women, in a male dominated environment, to thrive. WIN supports the recruitment, retention and development of talented people across the organization and is committed to inspiring positive change to encourage growth and passion for the business.

The Chwarae Teg Womenspire Awards have been held online for two years due to the pandemic. However, now in its seventh year, the awards will become a hybrid event for the first time – maintaining accessibility and continuing to reach an audience of thousands.

Live on Thursday 29 September from the Pierhead Building, Cardiff, the awards will be simulcast online via ITV Cymru Wales’ Face Book Live and Twitter.

Cerys Furlong, Managing Director of Chwarae Teg, said:

“Womenspire is an awards show like no other, and we couldn’t be happier to have Vauxhall Finance join us as title sponsor. This demonstrates that the company is a committed player in gender equality and is passionate about helping women succeed and thrive. Thanks to her support, at Womenspire 2022 we can do more than ever to showcase our amazing finalists.

“Together we can shine a light on the individuals and organizations working to make gender equality a reality in Wales and share their stories with some of Wales’ most committed and proactive women and their employers.”

Sian Prigg, Senior Learning and Talent Consultant and Chairman of WIN, Vauxhall Finance, said:

“As an auto finance organization, we have done a lot of work through our Women’s Inspirational Network to encourage women to join the industry and grow within it. Having worked closely with Chwarae Teg, with many employees benefiting from its programmes, we were delighted to take the opportunity to sponsor the Womenspire Awards and truly recognize some of the most inspiring women in Wales.

“Gender equality and diversity are really important to running a business and it’s really important that there are more women, especially for young women to look up to. As they progress in their studies and in their careers, they must see good role models and realize that in fact, anything is possible.

“The auto finance industry has always been male dominated and we want to encourage more women to apply here as we strive to create a more gender balanced organization.”

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