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Former WWE wrestler turned Hollywood megastar Dave Bautista has long had an argument with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In many ways, Bautista has transferred all the heat of his feud with fellow WWE Hall of Fame member Donald Trump onto DeSantis, who is a powerful superstar in the Republican heel faction and a likely running mate for Trump’s. he is running in 2024, and if not a potential favorite candidate himself. Bautista, who lives in Florida, has often criticized the governor for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and these criticisms of The Animal continued this week.

Dave Bautista has no love for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, an ally of Bautista’s deadly foe, fellow WWE Hall of Fame Donald Trump

Bautista responded to comments from DeSantis complaining that Bautista’s former label team partner, President Joe Biden, singles out Florida simply because it has by far the largest COVID-19 outbreak spurred by DeSantis own policies. Bautista said of the governor:

He also once again lent his support to Nikki Fried, a candidate for Democratic Governor of Florida, by tweeting:

Bautista encouraged his followers to overcome political differences and support Fried’s efforts to save lives in the Sunshine State.

At the time of going to press, DeSantis has not responded to Bautista’s accusations. Stay tuned to Bleeding Cool, your second source of information on Dave Bautista’s tweets (Dave Bautista’s Twitter feed itself being the number one source on a technical point).

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