The Pokemon Company made record profits in 2021

The Pokemon Company had another huge year in 2021. The Pokemon Company released its annual earnings report for its fiscal year 2021 (which ended in February 2022), which revealed that the company experienced one of its most profitable years ever. The Pokemon Company had sales of $1.6 billion, with gross revenue of $700 million and net profit of $325 million. Profits were driven by the release of two new Pokemon games – Pokemon Shiny Diamond and Shiny Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus – and the Pokemon trading card game and Pokemon Go.

For reference, The Pokemon Company’s sales and earnings were both significantly higher than fiscal 2020, which was another big year for the company. The Pokemon Company’s overall sales are up 70% from 2020 sales figures, while net profits are up more than 122%. 2021 was The Pokemon Company’s most profitable year since the company began releasing its sales numbers and earnings to the public. We’ll note that a detailed breakdown of The Pokemon Company’s sales was not available as the company is privately held. The Pokemon Company and many other Japanese companies have their sales listed by the Japanese government, but are not required to publish the same strong financial reports as listed companies.

The Pokemon Company will likely continue to have a strong 2022. Game Freak is getting ready to release Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a new pair of Pokemon games that mark a continued evolution of the gaming franchise. Pokemon Go will host its first in-person Pokemon Go in three years, while the Pokemon trading card game will likely begin a whole new cycle of cards focused on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.