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The hilarious bitch from ‘Sorority Row’ [Horror Queers Podcast]


Oh, she looks terrible.

Happy July 4th to all! After a very busy month of pride filled with a wide variety of films like Creature from the black lagoon, BONE, and Excision, we are more than ready to celebrate the beginning of July.

To mark the occasion, we launch a giant rager. At the top of the invitation list is Adrien rodriguez of Cut it podcast, which comes to help us in our discussion on the queer director Stewart hendler‘s Sorority line (2009).

In the movie – a remake of the 1982 slasher The house on Sorority Row – the girls of Theta Pi find themselves targeted by a serial killer eight months after a prank killed one of their sisters. Now the remaining crew, consisting of Final Girl Cassidy (Briana Evigan), Bookish Ellie (Rumer willis), Claire “multicultural” (Jamie chung), Drunk Chugs (Margo harshman), impostor Maggie (Caroline d’Amour), and the head slut Jessica (Lea Pipes), must survive the graduation party, as well as the other’s lewd remarks, as they are chosen one by one.

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Episode 132 – Sorority Row (2009) feat. Adrien Rodriguez

It’s Theta Pi time, bitches! We’re having a big party to celebrate Stewart Handler’s 2009 slasher comedy Sorority line and for all the pleasure of the modified tire changer, Adrian Rodriguez from Cut it podcast, who loves the movie as much as Trace.

Joe notoriously hated the movie 4 years ago (Trace has the receipts!), But relied on it. Nonetheless, expect plenty of debate about the balance between comedy and horror, especially when it comes to revealing and motivating the killer. We also worship at the altar of Jessica (Leah Pipes), comment on the film’s very non-PC approach to fraternity and sexual assault, and theorize why audiences hate Rumer Willis’ Ellie.

Plus: why Carrie Fisher should have been the star, Adrian and Joe’s Halloween QVC obsession explains why Chugs is the best.

Cross out Sorority line!

Coming Wednesday: We are going to France to see a queer film on coming of age, Gross!

– Joe & Trace

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