The Goldman Sachs-funded Socialist Forum benefits from the same system they ‘hate’: Cubans who fled communism

A socialist group that got at least $12 million investment banking financing Goldman Sachs came under heavy criticism for operating in New York and calling for a socialist revolution in the United States, from people who fled Communism and warn Americans of the dangers of radical doctrine.

The executive director of the People’s Forum said in a Instagram Video that “I think this country, the United States needs a socialist revolution…when there is a socialist revolution in the United States, there will be an immigration system that welcomes everyone, that has a system of open borders that allows people to live freely and report [sic] for all the crimes of US imperialism over the past 200 years.

The People’s Forum promotes Marxism, radicalism, feminismand socialist books.

Cisco and Candi, two Cubans who fled communism and run an Instagram page called “S.O.S Cuba“, believe that the above should be taken seriously because “whoever controls the media controls the minds of society”.

“We think it’s very hypocritical to criticize capitalism but at the same time to be able to open a bookstore and enjoy the same system that they ‘hate’. As Cubans who fled communism, we fear that communism will infect American youth, and the People’s Forum is one of the biggest communist propagandists in New York, if not the United States as a whole,” they wrote. told The Epoch Times.

“We warn Americans of the dangers of communism and not to wait to protest against it, do not wait for a sign. Communism must be prevented and not treated after infection.

“We are Cuban-born immigrants who know the horrors of communism and every day we see the signs of it. This is serious and the People’s Forum is a self-proclaimed enemy of the United States and threatens a communist revolution very soon. This is the last place for freedom – if the United States falls, where will we go?”

The People’s Forum runs a cafe in Manhattan, where some members of the NY Freedom Rally, a group that protests vaccination mandates, have been kicked out earlier this week of one of their events for not having a vaccine passport.

One of them is Paul M., who has been active with the NY Freedom Rally against warrants and the promotion of individual freedom.

“It’s a bit concerning that some establishments still require an unconstitutional warrant to be served even after it’s been dropped,” Paul told The Epoch Times.

“Furthermore [disturbing] is that myself, born in a refugee camp after my parents fled one of the most brutal communist regimes in Eastern Europe, is that I have seen so many young people, barely teenagers, being indoctrinated into one of the most horrific ideologies that has caused over 100 million deaths.

“Perhaps the saddest part of that day was that the kids looked miserable.”

The People’s Forum did not respond to a request for comment from The Epoch Times before press time.


Enrico Trigoso is an Epoch Times reporter who focuses on the New York area.