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‘The Bookstour’ road trip document includes Midtown Reader


When a self-published author took a road trip to 50 independent bookstores across the country in 50 days, he intended to promote his novel on Amazon. But it didn’t last long. He realized that there was something of inestimable value that the “store of everything” could not sell.

On a new road trip across the country, he interviews dozens of booksellers, including Alexis Bondi of Midtown Reader, to uncover the first unexpected reason why we should all buy independent products.

The director of the film, Mason Engel, tells of his transformation from a die-hard Amazonian into a lover of independent bookstores. “When we started scheduling interviews, I always bought all of my books from Amazon,” says Engel, “but dozens of booksellers gave me a reason to support their stores instead. This was a reason I had never considered before, and it goes way beyond the store infographics we’ve all seen a million times.

Engel’s road trip in 2019 took him to 50 independent bookstores between Indiana and California. On this latest trip, which he took with his cameraman, Brayden Williams, at the height of the pandemic, he toured the eastern half of the country, visiting Midtown Reader and 27 other independent bookstores. The film aims to:

  • answer the question of why we should buy our books locally,
  • and raise funds for the Book Industry Charitable Foundation

The documentary film Bookstour is a 30-minute documentary by freelance writer and filmmaker Mason Engel. To watch the film, visit www.scarstourFilm.com where you can purchase a digital rental for $ 10 or a virtual premiere admission for $ 25. 100% of the proceeds from ticket sales are donated to the Book Industry Charitable Foundation. Tickets will be redeemable in mid-July when the documentary is released.

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