The author will donate a portion of his book sales to charity

Kevin Sommerer, author of Mason’s Philly: Discreet Denial | Photo provided by Kevin Sommerer

A local author plans to donate part of the sales of his new crime novel to two charities this winter.

South Philly native Kevin Sommerer said he plans to donate $1 for each issue of his book, Mason’s Philly: quiet denialit sells in December to Philabundance and the Philadelphia Youth Network.

Sommerer said the inspiration came as he performed his annual vacation acts of service over the past week.

“I delivered food and trays on Thanksgiving like I do every year to seniors and lonely people I know who were on their own and that’s when I got the idea,” Sommerer said. .

Philabundance, which serves both Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley, helps provide good, healthy meals to underserved families to drive hunger away from communities. Approximately 135,000 people benefit each week from the food drives and other activities organized by Philabundance.

On the other hand, the Philadelphia Youth Network works with its partners to help develop education and employment opportunities for youth and young adults throughout the city.

“I’m all for supporting the future of our city,” Sommerer said.

Sommerer said the overwhelmingly positive response to Mason’s Phillywhich details the exploits of fictional detective Mason Hall in 1998 Philadelphia, made him want to reciprocate that appreciation.

“I get a lot of happiness from hearing from my readers who are thrilled to relive the memories I wrote about in the book,” Sommerer said. “I’m grateful for my career, so I’d like to give something back to the community.”