Sunday is the last day to take advantage of the “back to school” sales tax exemption

MIAMI – Ready or not, it’s almost time to go back to school.

Many parents and teachers took advantage of the state sales tax exemption for school supplies that ends Sunday.

With inflation pushing prices up on just about everything, they plan to save money buying supplies this week.

You will not pay sales tax on the following purchases:
• Clothing, shoes and certain accessories whose sale price is less than or equal to 100 USD per item
• Certain school supplies whose selling price is $50 or less per item,
• Learning aids and puzzles retailing for $30 or less
• Personal computers and certain computer accessories with a retail price of $1,500 or less, when purchased for household or personal non-commercial use.

This sales tax holiday does not apply:
• Any item of clothing with a selling price of more than $100
• Any school supply item with a selling price of more than $50
• Books that are not otherwise exempt
• Computers and computer accessories whose sale price is greater than $1,500
• Computers and computer accessories purchased for business purposes
• Rentals of all eligible items
• Repairs or alterations to any qualifying item
• Sales of any qualifying item at a theme park, entertainment complex, public accommodation facility, or airport