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Sports podcasts to listen to – the Hindu BusinessLine


* BBC Sports witness is a weekly podcast that contains short episodes that tell the story of a historic moment in sport

* Hosted by professional basketball player Kareem Maddox, The height tells the stories of Olympians around the world

* Hosted by journalist and producer Ed Knowles, the Olympic Channel Podcast is the official podcast of the Olympic Games


Even in the midst of a pandemic, even during a time of continued sadness and hopelessness, the Olympics exert a sort of hypnotic allure. Perhaps at a time when humanity comes to terms with a tremendous reminder of the fragility of our bodies, there is great beauty and hope in watching these men and women pushing their physical limits to achieve extraordinary feats. .

Inspired by the 2020 Olympic Games underway in Tokyo, Active voice brings you podcasts that celebrate the men and women who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of athletic greatness.

Sports witness

My favorite from this list is the one from the BBC Sports witness. This weekly podcast features bite-sized episodes – typically nine minutes or less – each episode telling the story of a historic moment in sports. These stories can range from controversial stories, such as the infamous “Hand of God” incident in football, to heart-wrenching stories, such as PT Usha’s ill-fated quest for an Olympic medal, which she missed out on. one hundredth of a second, to jubilant events like Abhinav Bindra’s journey to victory in India for our very first individual Olympic gold medal. Each story is told in the form of an interview, often with the athlete himself, and is interspersed with archival recordings that truly bring the past to life. The podcast has over 300 episodes so far, all available here.

Greatness with Kareem Maddox

Hosted by professional basketball player Kareem Maddox, The height tells the stories of Olympians around the world and what the Olympics mean to them. Produced by USG Audio, the podcast division of NBC Universal, it features Maddox in conversation with these great sportsmen as they discuss their journey to the Olympics and the wider impact and cultural significance of their accomplishments and experiences. . In a recent episode, for example, swimmer Sylvia Gerasch talks about her participation in the “alternative Olympics” organized by the Soviets, called the Friendship Games, which took place in 1984 and in which she represented the East Germany. Later, due to growing unease with being used as a political tool during the Cold War, Gerasch deliberately underperformed for a time, before returning to form to represent a united Germany at the 2000 Olympics. Maddox delves deeper into the matter. the broader historical and social significance of the Games with all of his interviewees as he does with Gerasch, while learning about the personal triumphs and tribulations that shaped their athletic careers. The podcast launched in June of this year and new episodes are released every week. Listen now.

Keep the flame alive

First launched in 2017 under the name Olympic fever, now renamed Keep the flame alive is a podcast dedicated to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Hosted and produced by Games enthusiasts Jill Jaracz and Alison Brown, the podcast covers a myriad of aspects of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – from mascots to marketing to medals – all through fascinating interviews with Olympians and Paralympians themselves as well as sport historians. , journalists and other experts. Due to the wide range of topics covered, the podcast is both a real source of enjoyment for longtime Games fans and a great starting point for Olympic newbies to understand what it is all about. The podcast has over 200 episodes released to date with new episodes released every week. At the moment, however, episodes air on a daily basis as the hosts provide daily recaps and discuss highlights from the current Olympics. Listen now.

Olympic Channel Podcast

Hosted by journalist and producer Ed Knowles, the Olympic Channel Podcast is the official podcast of the Olympic Games and is produced by the media division of the International Olympic Committee. First launched in February 2018 during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, this podcast features inspiring interviews with some of the greatest Olympians from around the world. These renowned athletes and sportsmen speak not only of their physical training and technical aspects of their sport, but also of the mentalities and emotional skills that allow them to compete under high pressure and at such an elite level. With new episodes released every week, there are over 200 episodes of the Olympic Channel Podcast to catch up, including conversations with renowned champions such as gymnast Simone Biles, sprinter Usain Bolt and figure skating legend Yuzuru Hanyu. Interviewees often provide extraordinary information about their journey to excellence and the lessons they have learned along the way. Many of them are outspoken and open about the difficulties they had to overcome to achieve greatness, and their stories and perspectives contain lessons of motivation and courage that are universal. Listen now.


Amrita V Nair is a freelance writer, public policy expert and podcast enthusiast.

Twitter: @amritanairv

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