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Six podcasts that stimulate the desire for the Olympics


Starter episode: “In Tokyo”

Many of the most popular Olympics-related podcasts are hosted by elite athletes who can speak directly about the competitive experience. “Off the podium” is not that. Instead, three men, proudly sponsored Ben Waterworth, Colin Hilling and Jarrod Rubik, “dreaming of Olympic glory, have as much athleticism as they are cheesy.” They may lack Olympic-level skills, but they have a clear passion and knowledge of various sports. The show aired ahead of the Rio 2016 Games and has returned intermittently to discuss events such as the 2018 Winter Olympics. You can expect daily episodes summarizing the latest news and highlights from the season. overall 2021 game, based on coverage of recent years.

Starter episode: “Best of” off the podium “Part 2”

When a city wins a bid to host the Olympics, its impact goes far beyond the single summer (or winter) the ceremony took place. Using the city of Sydney as a test case, this six-part show will explore what happens when the final medal is awarded and the crowd disperses. Twenty years after the Sydney Olympics, journalist Mark Beretta interviewed organizers and officials who are committed to making it “the most environmentally friendly game ever,” and the decision was to transform cities across Australia. Explain how this affected the changing environment.

Starter Episode: “How Green Games Affect National and International Environmental Movements”

Hosted by gold medalist diver Laura Wilkinson, the show isn’t just about the Olympics. Interviews with fellow Wilkinson athletes focus on coaching techniques and psychological tools for career success. Interviewees from a wide range of disciplines share candid thoughts on the mental health pitfalls of elite sports, overcome fears of pursuing goals, and share ways to stay the course in the face of uncertainty. I go. Whether you’re new to running or just about to head back to the gym, you can learn a lot from the mindset of Olympic athletes.

Starter episode: “17 scars paving the way for Tokyo at the Olympic Taekwondo Victoria Stanbow Games”

For a non-American take on the Olympics and Paralympics, try this laid-back and friendly British spectacle. “Anything but Footy” describes almost all Olympic sports in England (except football, as the title suggests) throughout the year, with an emphasis on the inclusion of sports that are not always in the spotlight. Hosts John Cushing and Michael Weadock demonstrate extensive knowledge of the news and analytics segment. The podcast also includes several long-running mini-series, “Great British Bosses”, featuring interviews with British sports leaders, and “Back on Track”, exploring how Tokyo athletes regained their motivation. Coronavirus delay.

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