Sea of ​​Thieves balances and disables some milestones, teases Heart of Fire novel story

Sea of ​​Thieves’ seventh season continues to choke as Rare releases update today. A young man is the highlight of this patch: the new adventure, A Cry. Venturing into the Damned Sea is risky, even without a band of renegades lurking, Rare says. But all this is not going to try anyway.

A patch includes more light balancing for important items and repairs for era captains, though Rare says some milestones haven’t been fully disabled yet.

It’s time to go home with Merrick! When talking to Larinna, traveling from the Damned swarm to the Dark Brothers. Live until 9 p.m. EST on September 1.

Sea of ​​Thieves (@SeaOfThieves) August 18, 2022

Athenas Fortune’s sequel was made up of her next novel, Heart of Fire, which is now available for pre-order. Heart of Fire explores the rise and fall of Captain Flameheart and traces the curtain on the events that led to him being defeated and deprived of physical form nearly 10 years before a pirate unknowingly resurrects him , says author Chris Allcock. The story is about Flameheart in all her skeletal glory wreaking havoc on the waves of her flagship, the Burning Blade. The books even had a trailer: one of the two books.

Download: The first batch – the second (or third) novel – is a python and the second novel.