Sales of printed books increase in the United States

TUCSON, Arizona – As print book sales continue to surge across the United States, there’s a new addition to the local bookstore scene tucked away on 5th Street. Littlest Bookshop, owned by Hypatia Luna and her husband Jesse Adcock, opened just over a month ago and is full of children’s books.

Each book addresses different backgrounds and interests, creating a more inclusive and diverse shop. Luna said customers – children and parents – have found buying a physical book to be more comforting than any e-reader. This gives Littlest Bookshop a steady flow of customers in the last month of opening.

“What I’ve seen, especially with picture books, there’s more representation, so I think everyone, not just kids, can see themselves in books and literature in a way pretty new,” Luna said.

Publishers Weekly published a study that showed a 9% increase in print book sales in 2021 with over 800 million books sold. Adcock said customers are tired of shopping online, especially for books, so they’re more likely to visit a bookstore.

The rise of BookTok

If you’ve been on Tiktok lately, there’s a huge community of book lovers out there. By giving reviews and recommendations, readers and authors thank TikTok for giving books a platform. It creates a desire in people to buy shelves and pack them with their favorite novels.

For Littlest Bookshop, social media has been incredibly useful for business, attracting a steady stream of customers.

“I know for us, we got a lot of positive responses just from our own Facebook and Instagram,” Adcock said. “And that really draws people here…so they see us on a social media page and that definitely helps us move our business forward.”