Ruby Tui’s Local Connection Drives Boom in Book Sales

Hot off the heels of winning the Women’s Rugby World Cup, Ruby Tui’s book Directly took the country by storm.

The former Greymouth woman has become the face of women’s rugby, more in demand than ever after the Black Ferns’ 34-31 victory over England in front of 40,000 people at Eden Park.

The former headmistress of John Paul II High School captured everyone’s hearts with her emotion, antics and competitive nature, along with a confidence rarely seen in international sport.

Tui’s autobiography was released on September 27 and now, on the eve of the World Cup, sales are sweeping the country.

“The book really took off after the Women’s World Cup,” said Greymouth Paper Plus owner Suzanne Kelsell.

“We had sold out before the World Cup and now with demand we have more out of stock. I think it’s popular here because of Ruby’s local connection.”

The Greymouth warehouse is also seeing an increase in book sales and has more out of stock.

“We just received an order and only have three copies left,” said store manager Kimberley McAllister.

“Over the past two weeks there has been an increase in sales and we will be ordering more.”

Westport’s Dennis Bookstore and Stationery is sold out.

“He was popular before the Women’s World Cup and we had constant demand – we’re out of stock,” said owner Heather Dennis.

It is also in high demand at Take Note in Hokitika.

“Sales had been good before the game and we still have a few left and have more on order. I had anticipated that if the Black Ferns won I would need more books,” said owner Robyn Cuff.

The World Cup victory is celebrated at Greymouth Catholic High School where Tui honed her love of sport and writing.

“John Paul is extremely proud of Ruby and everyone on the team,” said his former English teacher, Celia Costelloe.

“She is definitely an inspiration to girls and young women.

“She got into everything – sports, public speaking and even organizing school events. She was, all through high school, a leader. She never let anything go. ‘stop, she’s even a little stubborn. Maybe that’s why she and I got along.”

Ms Costelloe recalled a visit from Tui during her final year of college, when she came to say she had got an A in English.