Print book sales fell 9.3% last week

With sales down across all categories, print book unit sales fell 9.3% last week compared to the week ended May 29, 2021 at outlets that report to NPD BookScan.

Adult non-fiction continued to struggle, with unit sales down 12.7%. The #1 title in the category was Atomic Habits by James Clear, which sold nearly 19,000 copies. Last year around this time, Introduction to Acoustic Guitar by Bert Casey was the top title in the category, selling approximately 25,000 copies. The best-selling novelty in the segment last week was that of Elena Aguilar The PD Bookwhich sold just over 7,000 copies.

Adult fiction sales had a rare week of decline with a 1.4% drop. Where the Crawdads sing by Delia Owens was the first title in the category, selling over 40,000 copies. Last year, Legacy by Nora Roberts was No. 1, selling approximately 33,000 copies. Last week, Roberts Night work was the best-selling new release, selling nearly 27,000 copies. The War of the Two Queens by Jennifer Armentrout sold nearly 14,000 copies in its first week on sale, ranking 10th on the category list.

Sales of children’s fiction fell 10.6% over the week. Last week and in 2021 Oh, the places you will go! by Dr. Seuss was No. 1 in the segment, selling approximately 50,000 copies over the two weeks. by Erin Napier The Lantern House was the best-selling new release in the category, selling nearly 12,000 copies.

Year to date, total unit sales were down 6.5% compared to the same period in 2021.