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Power Moves: Kerrie Carden on joining INVANTI as Director of Remote Work Income and Advice


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INVANTED is a company with a mission that feels like a Baltimore game, so it’s fitting that they’ve recently gained some direct local ties.

INVANTI is a startup studio based in South Bend, Indiana. He recently launched a $ 2 million program Beta City Fund for investment, and is currently looking for candidates from across the country for a cohort of “initiators” in small and medium-sized towns as they solve everyday problems. INVANTI, which was founded by Dust mix and Maria gibbs, will work with these problem solvers to flesh out ideas and build businesses for three months.

Kerrie Carden recently joined the company as Director of Revenue. The Baltimore resident previously served as a director of student companies with Johns Hopkins Technology Companies, where she built the systems and pathways that support student entrepreneurs. Earlier this year, she founded Equip Consulting, a consulting and consulting firm specializing in financial planning, career coaching and management consulting. She also previously held the position of Product Manager at Delete Company and held leadership positions in the energy industry.

Curious to know more about the new role, Technically sent Carden on a few issues via email. Below are his answers:

Why did you decide to join INVANTI?

Maria, Dustin and I met because I overheard a conversation they were having at a conference we all attended at the Kauffman Foundation. Their people-centered approach to building a business really resonated with me, based on my own experience advising founders. I really enjoyed the emphasis on building long-term relationships that are results-driven, but not results-driven. We can continue to engage with people, even if they don’t end up creating a business that fits our thesis perfectly, because we start with the person.

What are your responsibilities in this role?

I am our Director of Revenue, I focus on growing our Studio builder product, where we help organizations create entrepreneurship studios that impact the people, issues and places that matter to them. We’ve seen that our approach to process, progress and accountability makes a difference for founders, especially for people who don’t always identify as entrepreneurs. Studio Builder is a way for other organizations such as municipalities, nonprofits, and universities to streamline their own frameworks, creating better visibility, understanding, and repeatability.

I also have the opportunity to support our founders directly in our Studio Founder, where we work and invest directly in people construction companies tackling kitchen table issues. I work 1: 1 with people throughout the process as they explore the issues they’re connected to, then focus on their business.

Since you are based in Baltimore, have you learned any advice about remote living so far?

Two things: gratitude, prioritization. First of all, I am deeply grateful that I have the ability to do a job that I love where I live, and it is a gift for me that I can try to help other people find it through. themselves through entrepreneurship. It is important for me to use what I have in the service of others. Also, since working remotely means any time can be working time, it is essential to define for yourself what “enough” is and stick to it. You can always do more, but we ourselves are limited. Giving more in one area means having less to give in others. You need to give yourself the space to say, “I’ve done enough today” and prioritization is key to getting that bar to the top of the day.


Kevin Hanes. (Courtesy photo)

There is a new CEO at one of Maryland’s growth companies who works at the intersection of cyber and education.

University park Cybraire recently hosted Kevin Hanes to lead his growing team, which has just moved to a new headquarters in University of Maryland-adjacent Discovery district. Hanes was previously COO of the Atlanta cybersecurity firm SecureWorks. He steps in to lead the cybersecurity workforce development platform at a time when it plans to continue growing and wants to engage its user community more deeply.

“I want to be the destination where if you are a learner or if you are a business and need to improve your cybersecurity skills, you come here,” Hanes told Technical.ly DC.

With the move, co-founder Ryan corey, who has served as CEO since co-founding the company with Ralph sita in 2015, will continue to be an advisor to the CEO and a member of the company’s board of directors.


A pair of growing biotech companies in Maryland recently added medical leadership to their C suites.

Baltimore-based Cancer Early Detection Society Delfi diagnosis mentionned Dr Peter B. Bach joins the company as chief medical officer. Dr Bach created the first lung cancer risk prediction model and is a Medicare policy expert who served as a senior advisor to the Woodlawn-based company. Medicare and Medicaid Service Centers in the George W. Bush administration. Founded by eminent John hopkins cancer scientist Dr Victor Velculescu, Delfi is developing a liquid biopsy test to detect cancer from a blood sample. Earlier this year, the Remington Company raised $ 100 million and secured a spot in our RealLIST Startups 2021.

Based on Frédéric Veralox Therapeutics appointed Dr Michael S. Hanna as chief medical officer. Dr Hanna is a cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist who was on the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania for a decade. He also held clinical management positions at the biopharmaceutical giant Bristol Myers Squibb from 2004 to 2016. Veralox this month closed a new investment capital of $ 16 million and seeks to advance the development of its treatment for heparin-induced thrombocytopenia.


When Forbes presented a new investment cycle in minority-run companies of a leading venture capital firm Insight Partners, they turned to RareBreed Ventures founder McKeever Conwell II.

RareBreed, the Baltimore-based company that focuses on pre-seed funding, is among a dozen funds that have received pledges from Insight’s Vision Capital 2020 SEC Fund. Via Forbes:

What matters most to Conwell is that the capital provided by the Insight initiative will trickle down to the future investments of each company and the underlying entrepreneurs. Conwell remembers a black founder who struggled for three years to raise capital for her wig startup. She even became a surrogate mother to secure funding, which drove Conwell crazy. “I can be its number one investor because of people like Insight,” says Conwell. The Founder… “doesn’t get money without someone like me and I can’t give it to her without Insight. The real impact of what Insight does isn’t with me and the other funds they’ve invested in, but the entrepreneurs we support and support.

Elsewhere on the national scene, we also spotted Conwell among the new cohort of Kauffman Fellows.

The two-year educational and professional development program is specially designed for VCs. He will be alongside 56 other corporate investors like Kleiner Perkins, Greycroft, Precursor Ventures and Andreessen Horowitz.


Finally, a Power Move of an entire company. Fells based on points Think | Stack had been named a 2021 Global Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) Public Sector Partner Award winner for his work in securing the digital fingerprints of credit unions. Tied, the company won the “Most Impactful Nonprofit Partner” award. Given the presence of AWS, the awards showcased some big tech players. In other categories, winners included recognizable names like Crowd strike, Deloitte, GDIT and Palantir.

“For 10 years we were a small family business, two brothers and an incredible team of passionate rebels, helping credit unions in digital transformation and cybersecurity,” said the CEO Chris Sachse, in a report. “With our in-depth knowledge of credit unions and our technological expertise, we are uniquely positioned to understand the threats, systems and total technology ecosystem of the industry, to ensure the safety of credit unions. To be named a winner of the Global AWS Partner Award is an incredible honor.

Earlier this year, the company received a $ 5 million investment and became a credit union services organization to expand its cloud work with financial institutions.


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