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Podcast Gives Businesses ‘Extra Exposure’, Space and Reach to Bounce Back


RIVIERA BEACH, Florida – Corporate social responsibility are three words that have grown in the public and private sectors in recent years.

And from the environment to social justice, more and more companies are advocating for issues that are close to their hearts.

But for a local business, that includes helping other businesses increase their reach.

Whether it’s hosting TV, having coffee, or managing social media, the competition is real.


“Competition is a real thing, but it’s not a bad thing,” said Jana Angel, executive producer and host of Living Local. “I think people see competition as a negative thing, but that’s what drives us to improve. So you need to make sure that you know who you are as a brand. Know exactly what you are delivering. Know that your audience is not everyone and know who you want your ideal customer to be. If you know that the competition is not your business.

And COVID-19 has tested the endurance and foresight of many industries.

Palm Beach Podcast


“The ‘moms and pops’, the small businesses, and the people with towel ideas are the ones that have really struggled,” said Mike Jones, owner of Media Zone and host of the Palm Beach podcast. “We saw the middle class get really squeezed last year, so Media Zone was a great place to reach more people and grow in a world where we couldn’t do it in person. “

And Media Zone has a wall dedicated to resilient Palm Beach County 80+ businesses that have used digital media, podcasting, testimonials, and webinars to bounce back. Like Cara Mimun, Social Media Manager for Studio 1608.

“It kept people going,” Mimun said. “I mean just the fact that they got to do whatever they wanted to do, live their life and support themselves as artists. It was, I think, awesome.

Palm Beach Podcast


Media Zone on Singer Island provides the space to rebrand and reach a range of industries and levels, whether it’s a new startup or a base business in the county. In 2017, Jones turned a photography habit into a business to market coastal properties, calling his latest venture just as “socially responsible.”

“We say to be consistent. Lead by example. And the rest takes care of itself, ”Jones said.

And the weekly podcast, The Palm Beach Podcast, which now celebrates 70 episodes, ensures that it happens.

“The Palm Beach Podcast is the perfect platform for local small businesses to really let the people of Palm Beach County know the story of the people behind the business and why they are different from others in the county,” said Jones. “It’s our way of giving back and gaining additional visibility for businesses. “

Palm Beach Podcast


To learn more about the Palm Beach podcast, visit here: https://thepalmeachpodcast.com/

To learn more about Media Zone, visit here: https://mediazonestudios.com/


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