Picks and Profits: Chargers at Chiefs (Open Thread)

NFC West football promises to be a lot of fun this season and we’re getting a primetime game to kick off Week 2 with two of the best quarterbacks in the game. Patrick Mahomes and Justin Herbert regularly hit “wow” pitches that would land on most quarterback career highlights. This will be a game with implications in the AFC West divisional race but also for the watercooler on the “what did he do?!” moments that make this game so special.

The over/under is high enough for a competition between these two gunslingers. When you have two attacks that have the ability to rack up over 40 points consistently in a short week, I like to hit the most. The Chargers getting 3.5 points as an away team, giving a slight nod to the Chiefs’ home advantage. Because it’s a divisive game that can go either way, and the book gives the half point on the Chargers side by 3 points, I like that the Chargers keep it under 3. Also, because I think it’s a last type of possession game, I’m going to take a chance on the Chargers moneyline.

Find out where other writers are doing with this one, and hit the comments below to let us know your picks.

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