Personal Finance App Rankings Accumulate Wealth

In our personal finances, sometimes we save, sometimes we spend.

In the latest edition of PYMNTS’ Ranking of personal finance app providers, it’s a month-long buildup, with the top 10 expanded to include 13 apps.

Highlights from this month include the three tie scores that made room for all of these apps, the returning leaders who once again occupy the top three spots in the leaderboard, and this month’s biggest mover and shaker. which has added 12 points to its score since last month.

Now, let’s look at the books and see where things stand.

The first five

Topping the list with a score of 99 is Carillon. This app was also ranked first last month.

Being only two points behind with a score of 97 is hideout, who retains second place in the standings.

Just two points behind that with a score of 95 is Robin Hood. Like the competitors before it, this application returns to the position it held last time.

Breaking the pattern, mint found a new spot this month, moving up one position and resting in fourth. His score this time is 92.

Driven from his previous position, Albert Save and spend smarter dropped one place to fifth. This app records this month with a score of 89.

Top 10

The #6 spot is shared by two apps that have made big leaps in the rankings since the last time. Emma Budget Manager moved up three places from ninth place, while myWisely Financial Wellness jumped four positions from tenth place. Each got a score of 77.

Ejected from this position, Fluent lands at No. 7 with a score of 75.

Eighth place in the standings is shared by Tasselswhich has gone down one level since the last time, and Loyalty investments, who was here last month. Each has a score of 73.

Joining this month’s top 10 at No. 9 is Every dollar. With a score of 68, this app has added 12 points to its score since last month, making it this month’s biggest mover and shaker.

Two other newcomers share tenth place in the standings. SoFi and Wallet each have a score of 61 and rank in the top 10 of PYMNTS’ personal finance app vendor rankings.



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