One of West Texas’ biggest book sales opens this week

Life is starting to feel more normal in the Grand Pays as the usual schedule of events rolls into place for the summer season. The Friends of the Abilene Public Library will be holding their annual book sale next weekend. Like most other annual events, organizers had to cancel last year’s book sale. It’s the biggest fundraising event the group holds each year, and 2020 would have marked the 30th sale. “It really hurt us,” said Kathy Curtis, a volunteer board member of the Friends of the Abilene Public Library. “We’ve been taking off this year in a row,” Curtis says, they’ve also raised over $ 7,000 during Abilene Gives. “I was very proud of our community and their generosity towards the library because we were unable to organize the sale of books. . We have tripled our donations compared to the previous year.

The library receives general funding from the town of Abilene, but Curtis says the annual sale typically brings in around $ 50,000. Over the years, the Friends of the Library have been able to fund a number of additional projects that were not in the budget, such as covering two years of location rental costs, renovation costs and furnishing of the library. Mockingbird branch, and fund the South Branch is moving to the Abilene Mall. “We were able to contribute $ 540,000 and agreed to collect another for the cost of opening the facility, including furniture, equipment, construction and planning, all at no cost to taxpayers. “said Curtis.

The group also helped start and fund audiobooks and e-books on the library’s OverDrive system, and they were able to provide mobile hotspots that families need even more during the year. elapsed. Going forward, Friends of the Library are raising funds to help pay for props and equipment for the proposed new library in Heritage Square.

After losing revenue from last year’s sale, Curtis says he’s thrilled to open the doors this week to one of West Texas’ biggest book sales, with over 30,000 books listed by kind. “On average, books only cost $ 1 to $ 2. Of course, in the section “antiques and unique pieces” their price is higher, because quite often we have classics from the first edition and more valuable items, ”says Curtis. “There will be 80 thematic sections, including fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, sports, history, travel and cooking, to name a few.” Curtis says shoppers will also find audiobooks, CDs, and DVDs.

Doors open to members of the Friends of the Abilene Public Library on Thursday evening. Curtis says people can become members for as little as a $ 15 donation at the door of the Convention Center. The sale will open to the general public on Friday at 10 a.m. On the last day of the sale, organizers will provide bags for buyers to fill for $ 6.

Curtis notes that once the sale is over, they will start working on next year’s event. With the warehouse full, the group was unable to accept book donations, but will resume taking them back from July 8. Volunteers will accept materials at the main branch of the Abilene Public Library on Mondays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon.