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Good afternoon from a rainy London. Unfortunately, we bring you Andrew Hill’s latest management challenge and column, which gives his perspective on the importance of managers. Find out which MBA schools have been voted the best for teaching finance. Finally, our newsletter is taking a two-week break and will return on April 25, Monday. Happy Easter.

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Best MBA Schools for Teaching Finance

    1. University of Pennsylvania: Wharton, USA

    2. Columbia Business School, USA

    3. New York University: Stern, USA

    4. University of Rochester: Simon Business School, USA

    5. University of Chicago: Booth, USA

    6. Rice University: Jones, USA

    7. London Business School, UK

    8. Cornell University: Johnson, USA

    9. Peking University: Guanghua, China

    10. University of Toronto: Rotman, Canada

    The Best Management Education Schools As Voted By Alumni Who Responded To A Survey For The FT MBA Ranking 2022. © Financial Times data

Andrew Hill’s Management Challenge

Managers matter. In fact, as I explained in my column this week, managers matter more than ever as we emerge from one crisis to another. They are both the drivers of performance and the curators of what Peter Drucker has called “moral concerns” on the human side of organizations. He said that management was a “liberal art”, because it “deals with people, their values, their growth and development”, and there is little more important than that.

For my management challenge, please submit your additional reasons why management matters now – or, if you’re one of those skeptics who think managers should be routinely eliminated or abolished altogether, feel free to object. As always, the destination of your thoughts should be

I am counting on my colleagues to capture and transmit the best of your insights because this will be my last managerial challenge. I have been the editor of the FT for over 10 years. Next month I will move into a new role as the FT’s Senior Business Editor, in which I will write more widely and at greater length, while appearing more frequently as a host, panel chair and interviewer at conferences and of FT Live events. . To everyone who has read, enjoyed, and most importantly contributed their own insights in response to my challenges over the years, thank you very much. As for further readingplease me one last time by suggesting you browse my back catalog of topics and features here.

Data Line: Best Subjects Taught on Online MBA Degrees

Finance and Organizational Behavior subjects are highly rated among Online MBA graduates from participating schools in the 2022 FT Online MBA Rankings. These subjects have received the highest scores over the past five years. Fintech and e-commerce could however do better, write Leo Cremonezi and Sam Stephens.

A more in-depth analysis of the FT’s 2022 Online MBA Rankings is available here.

Overview of work and careers

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Why are the first hundred days of a leader so important? Preparing for work should start long before the new boss even takes the helm, and they should continue to learn once there, experts say.

Elizabeth Jenkin, chief executive of Nimbla, says the worst thing you can do when you arrive is assume you know how the business works

Elizabeth Jenkin, chief executive of Nimbla, says the worst thing you can do when you arrive is assume you know how the business works © Charlie Bibby/FT

Stoli’s Damien McKinney: ‘I’ve got another Special Forces mission in me’ The liquor company boss, and former Royal Marine, on trademark battles and being the target of anti-Russian protests.

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Test yourself with 10 questions. Find out which bank has repeatedly changed its analyst reports to remove references to the “war” in Ukraine?

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