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Mamata Banerjee woos teens with bike loan scheme


Sources in state government said they could be used to deliver goods or hawker items

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said on Wednesday that her government would give loans to 2 young lakhs to buy motorcycles and start “some kind of business or trade” on their own.

“We are working on the plan and the loans would be disbursed by the state cooperative banks,” Mamata said.

Sources in the state government said the bikes could be used to deliver merchandise or hawker items. “If necessary, a box will be installed on the passenger to allow the rider to start an activity such as home delivery of goods. Once the program takes shape, the government will announce the program in detail, ”an official said.

Young people will get soft loans to buy the bikes the government was working on on terms like the EMI subsidy or down payment.

State government sources said Mamata was keen to help hundreds of thousands of unemployed young people earn a living, as the supply of jobs in Bengal was limited in the absence of major industries.

The chief minister, according to sources, was encouraged by a similar program called Gatidhara launched a few years ago in which unemployed youth were helped to buy cars and use them as taxis. “The program was a great success and almost a million young people had started earning money under the program,” said an official.

A bureaucrat said demand for home delivery of groceries and food items has increased dramatically during the pandemic, even in remote areas of the state. “If bikes could be given to young people on easy terms, it would help them earn money, especially at a time when there is a demand for the (home delivery) service,” he said. he declares.

Trinamul insiders said if the program were launched before the assembly elections, they might be able to avoid uncomfortable questions during the campaign. “Wherever we go, we receive hundreds of job applications. It is not possible (for us) to organize jobs for so many people. If the program is launched soon, we will be able to ask job seekers to apply under the program, ”said an MP from Trinamul.


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