Lionel Dahmer’s book sales come under scrutiny as he plans to sue Netflix

Lionel Dahmer, father of infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, has expressed interest in continuing the hit docuseries drama about his son.

Dahmer’s keeper has come forward announcing that the frenzy over recent Netflix series, Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, was the reason behind it. Since then, netizens have taken to social media to blame the father for profiting from his son’s gruesome murders.

Lionel Dahmer decided to release a book to capitalize on his son’s notoriety and had the nerve to try to portray the victims in it. Rather than hang his head in shame, he tried to make some money. He just found a new opportunity to get more, he don’t care about the doc…

In an interview with The US Sun, Dahmer’s guardian said the father had not been approached by the streaming giant for permission. The Guardian also claimed that Dahmer hopes to take legal action against Netflix or possibly the hit show’s production team.

The Guardian said:

“I have personally spoken to a few lawyers and we have also spoken to his editor because of all the chaos that is going on and the stories that we have seen. Lionel and his power of attorney are gathering information and considering a possible lawsuit against the production team or possibly Netflix.

Alongside the limited series, Netflix also released a docuseries titled Conversations with a Killer: The Tapes of Jeffrey Dahmerwhich would have left Lionel Dahmer a “nervous wreck”.

Internet users react to the fact that Lionel Dahmer benefits from the murders of his son

Internet users have expressed their disinterest in the writing by the 86-year-old man of his own memoirs. Many claimed it was simply her way of making money from the 17 horrific murders her son had committed. Some have also blamed Lionel Dahmer for his son’s despicable acts.

Check out some of those tweets below:

@domislivenews I don’t believe Lionel Dahmer is 100% innocent. Let’s not pretend he didn’t immediately think of ways to take advantage of his son. He wrote a book and went on a national interview tour. He’s just looking for his next quick cash

@christycelest @PopCrave He did not voluntarily give them the benefits. Lmao He tried to profit from his son’s murders, so he should just shut up.

Just a FYI that’s a lie bs and Lionel Dahmer had no problem ignoring his son for most of his life and then profiting from his murders by blaming Jeffrey’s mother which Oprah the publicly called. Oh and he was sued and forced to give these donations lol.…

just a reminder that lionel dahmer is a scum and he wrote his book and sues netflix just for the money 🫶🏼 he is using the crimes his son committed for his own personal gain. don’t idolize him either…

@PopCrave Are we going to pretend Lionel Dahmer isn’t as guilty of trying to take advantage of his son? How many book offers, TV spots and other appearances does he have to make before we can criticize him?

@twinkologian I don’t care about Dahmer or his father. My only concern is the victims. They received no compensation for this film and had to relive this experience again.

@PopCrave – does a better job without glorifying dahmer. really showing you how rude he was. Lionel shouldn’t pursue and/or profit from anything Jeff has done. unless he returns the money to the families of the victims, he may stfu. he wrote a book trying to profit from it as soon as it happened –

@Farmer_Boycie @PopCrave @ shivster28 Sorry yeah I wasn’t clear there. I agreed with you mate. It’s the kettle with Lionel Dahmer because as you say he wrote a book about it which was sure to sensationalise the murders and he obviously didn’t watch the Netflix drama because he doesn’t care glamorized.

Lionel Dahmer is expected to sue not only for the portrayal of him as having helped make his son a serial killer, but also for the way they make his book look like OJ’s If I Did It book.

More details on Lionel Dahmer’s book- The story of a father

Dahmer’s decision to take legal action against Netflix comes as a surprise because he himself wrote a book about his son Jeffrey Dahmer. The story of a father was published in 1994, a year just before the death of the serial killer. The book mainly explains how Dahmer approached the horrific crimes, struggling to come to terms with what his son did.

The book mainly focuses on Lionel Dahmer’s confusion as to what led his son to commit such gruesome murders. In the book, Dahmer blames himself for his son’s despicable acts.

Lionel's book, A Father's Story (Image via Getty Images)
Lionel’s book, A Father’s Story (Image via Getty Images)

The book goes on to explain behind the scenes of Jeffrey Dahmer’s trial, where the father puts himself in his son’s shoes.

Good Reads describes the book as follows:

“A Father’s Story cannot claim to have discovered the ultimate solution to the enigma of the criminal or his acts. In fact, it’s not the story of Jeffrey Dahmer at all, but of a father who, little by little, realized the saddest truth a parent could know: that as a result of an unknowable process, her child had somewhere crossed the line that separates the human from the monstrous.

He added that Dahmer’s book does not attempt to change the narrative of the events that unfolded, but is a “haunting confession – the searing account of a man who never flinched in his efforts to survey the darkest neighborhoods. depths of his son’s affliction, even as they pointed to his.

The recent Netflix show suggested the families of the 17 victims wanted to sue Lionel Dahmer for profiting from his book. However, only two families have sued him in real life for portraying their lives without permission. The book ended up not bringing in enough money to contribute to the families of the victims.

Lionel Dahmer mostly stayed out of public view. The last time he sat down for an interview was in the 2020 documentary Jeffrey Dahmer: Mind of a Monster. He now lives in Seville, Ohio with his second wife, Shari.

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