July Update for Rust Balances Combat, Optimizes Loading, and More

Over the past few years there has been an explosion of online survival games. titles such as DayZ, 7 days to dieand Rust pit players not only against each other, but also against the environment. Speaking of the latter, Facepunch Studio’s notoriously ruthless release is considered one of the most influential survival games available, up there with the likes of Minecraft and No Man’s Sky. It can be difficult, but there are obviously fans out there who enjoy the punishing factor, and the developer is constantly updating the game.


The latest fix for Rust recently went live, rolling out a number of tweaks and quality of life changes. According to a post on Steam, perhaps the biggest update is combat balancing. Listening to player feedback, Facepunch tweaked the shooter in several ways to meet fan expectations. One such example is the reduction in grenade priming time, which is now 2.5 seconds. A few weapons, such as the M249, have been made more “aggressive”, while the shotgun’s bullets have been changed to make it more suitable for mid-range combat.

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While guns and other weapons in Rust are a key gameplay factor, there’s more to the world. One of the other things the July patch improves is load times. Anyone who has played the game can vouch for how long it takes to load into a game. plan. There have also been some quality of life changes, as well as improving the process for reporting “problematic content” in-game, which involves the introduction of an offensive content reporting section.

The Rust The June update also saw changes to the shooter, and obviously the studio took what players said and used the feedback to make additional changes to combat for this patch. This shows that the developer is more than willing to listen to fans and make appropriate changes to keep the game high with the community.

In addition to being influential and fun, Rust is also well known for its difficulty. New players can often feel a little overwhelmed as more advanced people arrive to kill those unprepared. It’s not just other players that are of concern, either. The essence of the game is to survive, which means foraging for food, building shelter, crafting clothes, and generally not succumbing to the harsh realities of the game’s environment.

The patch notes are as follows:

  • Added Mosaic Cube Prefabs for Community Map Makers
  • Chat filtering added
  • Improved M39 DPS and recoil
  • Reduced F1 Grenade fuse time to 2.5s (was 3.0s)
  • Shotgun slugs reduced damage reduction
  • To-do list is now disabled if game hints are disabled in game options
  • Added a crosshair when free spraying with a spray can
  • Increased number of default sprays per player (25 -> 40)
  • Can now mute and report players from the Contacts screen
  • Z/C/Y keys no longer control zoom when in free camera (replaced by debugcamera_zoomin and debugcamera_zoomout bindings)
  • Added debugcamera_raise and debugcamera_lower bindings instead of hardcoding to Q/E
  • Added physical camera convars for debug camera
  • Added camera info overlay command for debug camera
  • Kayak now faces player deploying by default
  • Mailbox, BBQ, Medium Battery, and Windmill now face player by default
  • (CUI) Added support for vertical overflow on text components
  • Updated player inventory idle animation
  • Added interaction sounds for small loot containers (food, medical, tech, ammo, etc.)
  • Updated generic loot crates with existing interaction sounds
  • Hapis Island: Added 3 new monuments
  • Jackhammer will hit the hotspot every time without firing
  • The torch disappears after 30 seconds
  • Dropped backpacks will disappear after 30 seconds for rocks + torches
  • Streamer mode will hide map name in server browser
  • Can insert photos into mailbox
  • `benchmark_demo {demo}` command to run the benchmark on different demos
  • Can connect ‘domain.com’ without a port on the end
  • Servers will no longer display the name of the custom map, only “Custom Map” if they are running one
  • Optimization of bulk loading assets from bundles
  • Improved option to hide blood
  • Added disabled flash disabled option
  • m249 is slightly more aggressive
  • HMLMG recoil is more aggressive
  • Reduced HMLMG durability
  • HMLMG Crafting Cost Increase
  • Using scopes on weapons now increases their recoil
  • Reduction of blurring/blood effects
  • Accuracy bonus removed from silencer
  • Fixed first hit while ADS sometimes playing the non-ADS firing animation
  • Fixed missing deploy sound for Combat Knife
  • Fixed missing sounds for smoke grenades and supply signals
  • Fixed missing crosshairs and camera movement while first person is looking
  • Fixed smoke grenade effects not working properly with first person viewer
  • Fixed horses not moving properly with elevators
  • Fixed an error with a particular configuration of items when crafting lower quality at a mix table
  • Fixed missing localization on progress bar when Hold to Dismount is enabled
  • Fixed some deployable entities changing rotation each time they are selected on the belt
  • (CUI) Fixed some skin IDs not loading correctly (PR#37)
  • Fixed some missing sound effects on the spray can
  • Fixed an exploit when changing water quality
  • Fixed and laser flashlights that need to be on every time you equip them
  • Fixed an exploit to steal attachments from store windows
  • Fixed nodes and animals taking extra hits
  • Hapis Island: Fixed berries not spawning
  • Hapis Island: fixed too rare roadside spawns
  • Hapis Island: Fixed many other reported issues.
  • Fixed and laser flashlights that need to be on every time you equip them
  • Fixed an exploit to steal attachments from store windows
  • Fixed nodes and animals taking extra hits
  • Fixed animal headshots not playing hitmarker
  • Fixed an exploit to allow you to keep the last item in softcore
  • Fixed being able to shoot through an armored window collider
  • Fixed an exploit to keep the showcase upright when breaking the wall frame
  • Fixed debris not created for walls on triangular foundations
  • Fixed lookup tables getting stuck while searching

Rust is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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Source: Steam