Jemele Hill attacks OutKick in desperate attempt to boost sales of failing books

Oh Jemel. As the kids say, “You don’t want that smoke.”

Jemele Hill published a book towards the end of October. If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone.

This tweet from OutKick’s Bobby Burack was posted on Tuesday. As of Wednesday, the day this article was written, her book had fallen to #4,452 in Amazon’s rankings. At this rate, it will be well out of the Top 5,000 books on Amazon less than a month after publication.


We can only assume this makes Jemele very angry. And when people get angry, they get angry. Jemele went in search of someone who would post her rage and a beautiful marriage was born between her and Deadspin.

But, to have the privilege of viewing this 90-second video, you must watch an unskippable advertisement. The one I got was one minute. I had to watch an entire one minute commercial to get to 90 seconds of Jemele Hill.

The irony here is that Deadspin thinks people – the normal ones, not like us sociopaths who get paid to do it – will skip an ad to watch Jemele Hill. You may recall that Hill was kicked out of SportsCenter because advertisers left the programs en masse, costing Disney and ESPN millions of dollars.

How can I know? I worked at ESPN and was told that. Here is what I wrote in a previous column:

I had a meeting with [a] high-profile ESPN executive when I worked there and the conversation turned to the Hill and Smith version of SportsCenter. This executive told me that the publicity the 6 p.m. SportsCenter was bringing before the failed Smith and Hill experiment was CUT IN HALF. He didn’t show me the actual numbers, but his tone and attitude were clear: the show was hurting the business. This executive even went so far as to insinuate that one of the main reasons for ESPN’s mass layoffs in 2017 was a direct result of this loss of revenue. Connecting the dots, one could draw the conclusion that more than 100 ESPN employees may have lost their jobs so that Hill and Smith could continue to push back the public.

Excerpt, “Jemele Hill just can’t stop playing the victim”

Jemele Hill attacks OutKick

With that as a backdrop, let’s get to the video. We have released the ad for you. You’re welcome.

Where to start ? Chances are you’re laughing so hard you can’t even focus on your screen right now, so I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself.

Good? Cool. Let’s break this thing down.

She begins by plugging in the book. Obviously. She’s not going to return to the top 4,000 without mentioning it as much as possible.

Then we start with the good stuff.

“People who rock with Barstool, rock with Clay Travis, are more than welcome to rock with these people,” says Jemele Hill.

Thanks Jemel! Those of us who are eagerly awaiting your permission to “rock with Clay Travis” can finally live our truths. And it feels good.

“It’s interesting that some people in these camps are just very glorious and dishonest, to me. That’s not how I ride. That’s not how I was taught in this business, and certainly not the person I am.

OK, come on. She’s trolling us here, isn’t she? These are words she actually said on camera with a completely straight face. Jemele Hill called the others celebrity-crazed and dishonest, then said “that’s not how she rolls”. The lady protests too much, I think.

Is that you Jemel? Talking about people more famous than you and admitting to making up lies about them? Boy, does that sound a little – dare I say it? — fame-hungry and dishonest?

The lack of self-awareness here is alarming and borders on delirium.

“The one thing I don’t particularly like is that they have a tendency to ‘stir up the crowd’ – if you will – sometimes, which I would consider very small grievances.”

Again, no self-awareness here? The whole Hill brand is about “feeding the crowd”. That’s the whole point of calling everyone racist. You’re trying to round people up to take down someone you don’t like. Someone, say, the former President of the United States.

Or perhaps the most popular talk show host on cable news.

A US senator.

Uh, Henry Ford?

I just want you all to know that to find them I did an advanced search on Twitter of “Jemele Hill” and “racist” or “racism”. I’m not kidding or being hyperbolic: I’ve seen over 50 uses of either word in tweets this year alone. At least once a week she calls someone or something racist. But, hey, this can’t be meant to “feed a crowd” because that’s not “how she rolls”.

“I can tell instantly when someone’s read OutKick because there’s a certain playbook that they all use in their ‘talking points.’ So I’m like ‘oh yeah, I know where you read at About me, I have it now.'”

First of all, thanks for the catch! We know you like the promotion very much, so you must really care about us to thank us.

Second, at least, she acknowledges that OutKick readers have speaking POINTS, plural. Jemele Hill has a topic of discussion: racism.

Again, this gets ridiculously redundant at this point, but for her to accuse other people of having a ‘playbook’ when she literally has a game to play would be funnier if she didn’t believe it Actually.

But I guess she’s not wrong. While other people have a game “book”, she has a game “flash card”.

“Please buy the book. Sister is trying to get on the New York Times bestseller list.

I do not editorialize with this spelling. That’s exactly how Deadspin captioned their Last Desperate Appeal.

Jemele Hill really needs you to buy her book because no one else is.

In fact, I feel a little sorry for Jemele. At one point, she hosted SportsCenter. It was the most coveted position in all of sports television. People like Dan Patrick, Scott Van Pelt, Stuart Scott, Robin Roberts, Linda Cohn – some of the most respected people in the industry – have hosted the show and gone on to do great things.

Meanwhile, Jemele Hill has written a book that’s about to hit Amazon’s Top 5,000 and she’s making 90-second videos for Deadspin attacking OutKick and Barstool to try and sell a few more copies.

Talk about a drop in relevance.