IRA club heralds better strategies, better investments and bigger profits

Don’t miss the workshop on the best strategies, the best investments and the biggest profits on wealth

The IRA Club invites investors July 9 to Chicago to learn powerful, little-known strategies for bigger profits through self-directed 401k and IRA accounts.

Since the future is unpredictable, now is the time for anyone to start learning the right ways to boost their financial security. »

— Ramez Fakhoury, Vice President, IRA Club

CHICAGO, Illinois, USA, June 28, 2022/ — The IRA Club announces its Best Strategies, Investments, and Biggest Profits for Wealth Workshop, beginning at noon on July 9, 2022. Held at the IRA Club Office Headquarters across from Millennium Park in Chicago , attendees will meet in the Diamond Room at Suite 1800. This event covers a full range of topics related to self-directed 401(k) accounts, self-directed IRA accounts, investment strategies and more. IRA Club invites experienced investors and new investors to learn more about smart investing to create retirement security or inherited wealth opportunities. During the afternoon there will be several different segments providing information and opportunities to ask questions. “Attendees will learn valuable strategies and tips from seasoned experts,” said IRA club vice president Ramez Fakhoury. “Since the future is unpredictable, now is a good time for anyone to start learning the right ways to establish financial security.”

During the first hour of the event, attendees will hear from experts who know how to self-direct 401(k) assets into a retirement account. These experts also bring their knowledge of cryptocurrency, HSA and Checkbook IRA. Additionally, participants will learn how to choose the right account or multiple accounts for their specific needs. During the second hour, artificial restrictions and how they negatively affect IRA and 401(k) accounts are discussed. Guests will also learn how to take back control of their accounts with examples from case studies and expert advice on portfolio diversification. Sufficient time for breaks, refreshments, Q&A and meeting with presenters is provided.

After the break, attendees will explore the Investors Row platform designed for all levels of investment experience with presenters. The next half-hour session provides participants with investment tips and strategies, maximizing tax benefits and minimizing risk. Different levels of fee structures are discussed, using case studies to demonstrate how these fees affect retirement costs. Participants will also learn three steps to take back control of their future. After the event, presenters invite attendees to join them and mingle with other attendees at Remington’s for Happy Hour.

“Guests who register for the event will also receive a free self-directed IRA account“, added Fakhoury. “They will have free access to the Investors Row platform, more than 20 educational videos and more than 20 investor presentations. They will also receive a free e-book by Dennis Blitz on reducing risk, increasing returns and saving taxes with 401k or IRA accounts.” Presenter Kasia Baldus says places are selling out fast and encourages people interested in book a ticket for this wealth creation workshop as soon as possible. Tickets are available on the website at ($20 per ticket). Presenters and event coordinators will follow CDC guidelines for social distancing during the event. Masks are not compulsory.

About the Presenters
Kasia Baldus, Ramez Fakhoury and Dennis Blitz are the speakers for the event. Baldus is the sponsor care manager for the IRA club. Kasia brings extensive experience and knowledge in client service and management, and travels across the country to train investors. Fakhoury has over two decades of experience in financial services, real estate and hospitality. He is an entrepreneur whose mission is to inspire and educate investors to take charge of their retirement. Blitz is the president of the IRA club and the author of 12 bestselling investing books.

About the IRA Club
Dennis Blitz established IRA Club in 2009. Since then, IRA Club has gained thousands of members and analyzed thousands of account files to find ideal solutions for each client’s specific concerns and needs. By helping people learn the steps to building wealth with retirement accounts, IRA Club teaches members how to hold real estate in their IRAs to gain appreciation and rent, make loans from IRAs for interest income, use alternative investments, invest in syndications and more. IRA Club offers nationwide service, has a BBB rating of A+, and is FDIC insured.

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