ING Bank Romania customers can now obtain, manage and close personal loans 100% online

From this month, ING customers can close their personal loans 100% online thanks to full early repayment. Therefore, the bank offers an end-to-end online process, where customers have full control over opening, managing payments and closing a personal loan directly with ING Home’Bank, whether they obtained it via the ING Office network or the Internet and mobile banking application.

Roxana Cristea, Lending Tribe Lead, ING Bank Romania: “On average, our customers access around 5,000 personal loans per month in ING Home’Bank, and approx. 2 out of 10 Romanians access a personal loan via ING. Each feature that we choose to develop in Home’Bank gives customers the tools they need to manage their money easily, on their own, investing time only in the things that are important to them, not in trips to the bank. The closing of personal loans online is a further step in this direction, towards an even more independent client, more in control of his finances.

The refund and closing process takes minutes, can be done from any device, laptop, desktop or smartphone, and saves customers the time and effort of getting to a physical location of the ING Office network. The steps customers must follow in ING Home’Bank are:

  1. Access the close personal loan option from Wallet menu -> Loans menu -> Personal loan -> More -> Close loan.
  2. Go through the information on the amount required to repay the loan in full and continue.
  3. Check the total amount to be repaid, the account the money is to be transferred from and the terms and conditions for closing the loan.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions and continue.
  5. After reviewing the summary, commit the transaction and continue.

After completing these steps, customers will see a confirmation screen in the app. Shortly, they will also receive an email with a PDF document confirming the closing of the personal loan and information regarding the insurance attached to the loan.