How Skate 4 balances parkour and skateboarding

Revealed in a pre-Alpha gameplay trailer, Skate 4’s new parkour abilities are a welcome addition that fans probably didn’t even know they wanted.

Skate 4 wows fans with new gameplay footage in development that not only focuses on what players will do on the board, but also off the board. Parkour moves like wall running and monkey bar swinging have been added to the player’s vast repertoire of tricks, and these elements fit right into the house.

Skate 4 is the highly requested new skateboarding game, the latest installment in a series that introduced one of the most unique control schemes, the Flick-It system. EA recently released a pre-alpha trailer for Skate 4 to catch up with fans on his current progress. While the shared footage is still very early in development, the gameplay highlighted characters having fun together and having fun with fun parkour mobility. It may be a while before the game is released, but the images shown prove that the developers are moving in the right direction.

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There was no new Skate game for over 10 years now. Parkour traversal is the kind of improvement over traditional Skate gameplay that fans didn’t even know they wanted. Skate 3 was already reaching the limits of new skateboard tricks to add, so Skate 4The decision to expand the movement options spices up the potential for towers both on and off the board. Running up walls and swinging on monkey bars open up a wide range of trick possibilities to show off in style. Jumping off the board to swing over pipes and then landing on the board is now a reality, as is running up a wall with a board in hand in big air to perform unique finger flips before landing seamlessly .

The introduction of parkour captures the perfect balance between authentically grounded skateboarding and a relaxing vibe and good times, the latter being Skate 3 aesthetically nailed. When EA Skate franchise that first appeared on store shelves in 2007, it has differentiated itself from its biggest competitor, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skateraiming to portray a more realistic representation of skateboarding than the Tony Hawk games had given up. Even with this more granular approach, the Skate The franchise still carried a sense of humor and personality that balanced the show’s original authentic desires.

The flashy tricks players can pull off by implementing parkour moves into their combos cater to that style of laid-back fun the games embrace. At the end of the day, Skate is a skater’s paradise, where they can express themselves freely and experiment with what they can do with the board. All in Skate 3 was built around this philosophy of creating a world for skateboarders. Adding these new traversal abilities allows for more fun experimentation within the limits of what skaters are realistically capable of.

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Parkour also brings new climbing tools that players can use to better explore the skater’s paradise around them. Previous Skate the games limited mobility made getting to high places a bit of a chore. Parkour promises greater climbing abilities to allow players to easily reach areas that would normally be difficult to reach. While this doesn’t directly affect a player’s combos, it does open up more unique scenarios in the open world to create awesome tricks. Reaching higher places means more airtime for players to perform larger-than-life tricks to their heart’s content.

Skate 4 is becoming the next generation Skate game fans have only dreamed of, with expansive movement options that seamlessly combine on-board tricks with off-map tricks. Parkour adds a lot to what has been proven Skate formula while balancing the grounded yet lighthearted spirit of the franchise.