Garage sales return to Holywell

A CAR BOOT sale was recently reintroduced in a Flintshire town, with the aim of raising money for local organisations.

The events returned to Holywell for the first time on August 13 and were organized by the Holywell Community Market team.

Based in Tower Gardens, the garage sales now take place on the second Saturday of each month.

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A statement from Holywell Market Group said that if car shoe sales “become popular” it would consider increasing the number of such events it holds each month.

The statement adds: “Garden sales are a great way to recycle what you no longer use while allowing you to earn a little extra money and buyers to find a bargain by buying something at a fraction of the price. cost of a new item.

“Please help make sales a success by bringing a booth or coming out to support those who do.”

The next car boot sale at Holywell will take place this Saturday (September 10) from 9am-2pm, with free entry for all cars.

If you want to set up a stand during the car boot sale, you can book through the Holywell Carboot Facebook group or call 07871770159.