GameStop Reportedly Ends Sales Of The Biggest PS5 And PS4 Flops Of 2022

GameStop is now reportedly refusing to sell new copies of what is likely the biggest flop of video games released on PlayStation platforms in 2022. While GameStop is often known for being a storefront where customers can look to buy both new titles and old ones. , sometimes the chain store is just looking to get rid of games that aren’t actively supported. Not only did this happen earlier in the year with BioWare Anthembut now it seems to be happening again with another game that’s only been out for six months.

According to new information from Cheap Ass Gamer, GameStop is now looking to completely end sales of new copies of The fall of Babylon, which is a PS5 and PS4 game from Japanese studio PlatinumGames. Released on PlayStation and PC platforms, The fall of Babylon was meant to be a new live-action RPG that Platinum would have backed for years. Unfortunately, the game never caught on, leading Platinum to recently announce that The fall of Babylon will close completely in February 2023. As a result, GameStop now appears to be inform employees in its stores that it can no longer sell the title to customers.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about this situation with The fall of Babylon at GameStop is that some storefronts might be looking to just give the game away to customers if they still have new copies in stock. Ever since GameStop at the corporate level told its stores they weren’t allowed to sell The fall of Babylon, this means that a number of units could end up being discarded. Rather than throwing away those copies, if you want to get one, maybe your own local store will give it to you for free. It’s important to point out though that your mileage may vary significantly if you’re looking to do it yourself, but it’s worth it if you want to own a physical version of The fall of Babylon.

Are you surprised to see what happened throughout 2022 with The fall of Babylon? And will you be looking to try and get a copy of this game for yourself before it’s gone forever? Let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.