Friends of Natrona County Library Celebrates 50 Years of Book Sales

CASPER, Wyo.—Friends of the Natrona County Library has supported the library with book sales for 50 years.

People donate books to the organization and Friends of the Natrona County Library sell them. Over the years, more than $1.4 million has been raised, the organization said in a press release on Sunday.

To celebrate its 50th anniversary of selling books, the Friends of the Library will organize a sale from December 1 to 3.

“This sale will be our ever-popular bag sale,” the ad said. “Shoppers wishing to shop on the first day on December 1 will pay a $20 entrance fee for this two-hour ‘Early Bird’ shopping session.

“December 2 will be Friday’s ‘second chance’ sale. Appointments that day will have a $10 admission fee and admission on Saturday, December 3 is free. By scheduling appointments, we have limited the number of buyers for each session and there is no waiting in line. Prizes start with a grocery bag of books selling for $3. Appointments are required for all sessions. Schedule your appointment at

People used the Friends of the Natrona County Library sales as a way to find holiday gifts, the announcement added.

“Why not select children’s holiday books and make an advent calendar type event by giving them a book a day until Christmas?” says the ad. “You could do all of this for $3. Stock up for your winter reading. $3 will get you set up again. There is no limit to the number of bags each customer can purchase. Contact Friends of the Library at folncpl307@gmail with questions. Appointments fill up quickly, so schedule yours today.