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Finding DW stirs Arthur’s nostalgia


Find DW

Find DW

The best part about audio non-fiction is that it’s not only allowed, but encouraged, to investigate little things. In the larger entertainment landscape, a series entirely focused on the actors who voiced Dora Winifred “DW” Read on the TV show Arthur Over the years it may seem like little potatoes, but turning that pebble reveals a complex and endearing web of individuals whose lives have been forever changed by opportunity. Find DW is a project by Jason Szwimer, the second actor to voice DW in a line of eight artists, and he sets out to meet and interview the other seven to find out if their experiences mirror his own. Most people don’t know, after The simpsons, Arthur is the longest-running animated series on television, with 24+ seasons. And even fewer may know that DW, Arthur’s sassy younger sister and little Kate’s older sister, has always been voiced by boys – a choice made by the show’s casting director in order to give DW a copper and boyish sensibility. This episode, Szwimer speaks with that same casting director, Debra Toffan, who explains that girls who first read the role in the 1990s just sounded too. soft, while the boys brought Marc Brown’s designs off the page and onto the screen with slightly more frantic line reads. [Marnie Shure]

I know what scares you

I know what scares you

Skepticism and sane laughs go hand in hand in the new series I know what scares you, in which a panel of experts demystifies the inexplicable experiences of their special guest. In this inaugural episode, the panel, which includes Skeptoid Brian Dunning, guest actor Robert Llewellyn (Red dwarf) to share one of the scariest moments of his life. Llewellyn explains that he had an incredibly violent dream involving a good friend, just 24 hours before the same friend died. Although Llewellyn does not claim the gift of premonition, he believes this event must mean something. The panel usefully reassures him by telling him that it means absolutely nothing and that dreaming of a friend or colleague so close to his death is really just a numbers game. They argue that if you know enough people, who will all die one day, this sort of thing is inevitable. In addition to these skeptical one-on-one readings, the team also covers paranormal news like the story of a ghost woman by her alien lover. Although they present several psychological explanations for these claims, they ultimately decide that if this really happened, the alien could possibly do better. [Anthony D Herrera]

The plot thickens

For this second season of the Turner Classic Movies tea podcast, the show goes back to that crazy time Brian De Palma tried – and failed – to make a good film adaptation of The bonfire of vanities, the literary blockbuster of the 80s by Tom Wolfe. Although he starred Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis and Melanie Griffith as his stars, he became the first big flop of the 90s. the Wall Street newspaper critic (and Sarah Vowell soundalike) Julie Salamon, who covered it all for her 1991 book Devil’s candy, pulls out his archives of recorded interviews and tells about this wild journey. This episode has De Palma and the company trying to start production on The bonfire of vanities At New York. This means researching locations, finding a suitable courtroom for all of the courtroom scenes, and assuring Bronx residents (who were still unhappy with the Borough’s portrayal in the book) that the movie won’t. not make it look like a criminal wasteland. They are also confused by socialites who seek to play small roles in party scenes. Since we’re halfway through this season, expect things to get crazier than that. [Craig D. Lindsey]

STS guys

In the most recent episode, Nate, Scott, Larry, and Jeremy begin with a July 4 debriefing, covering the nuances of the unincorporated land and fireworks regulations. The hosts – four friends, each with a specific area of ​​interest – offer four unique perspectives on the wide world of pop culture: Jeremy is the comic book expert, Scott is well versed in video games, Larry is the podcast pro. and Nate is an established DC Fan and Action Figure Photographer. In weekly podcast, STS guys is able to delve deep into everyday real-life details, such as buying cars, lending DVDs, and deconstructing PlayStation, allowing listeners to feel like part of the intimate repartee. The organic flow of the conversation seamlessly leads from collectibles to movies, upcoming conventions, and ultimately a discussion of Marvel’s latest MCU movie on the big screen, Black Widow. At this point, not all hosts have had a chance to see the movie yet, so more discussion will be ahead. There is always next week. [Jose Nateras]

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