EXCLUSIVE: Neha Dhupia explains how she balances work and personal life: My days off aren’t days off either

Neha Dhupia is one of the best Bollywood actresses. She has proven her mettle time and time again on the big screen and never misses a chance to win hearts with her versatility. Besides, the actress is also a proud mother of two and often spends quality time with her children. Needless to say, finding a balance between work and personal life is no picnic and Neha has her fair share of struggles for the same.

During an exclusive chat with Pinkvilla, Neha said, “I think it’s a lot to take for me, as my days off aren’t days off either. When you go on vacation and you take your kids on vacation you always want to make sure your kids are okay and they travel and then they come back and they get sick and then you want to go back to work and then , it’s a lot. But that’s great because I think I have, there’s so much love and equality in my relationship with Angad that between the two of us, we’ve managed to balance it and I think I’ve got it for you already said in your interview before, behind every working woman, there are many working women. So you do staff and make sure your kids are okay, but now there are lines that I draw. So if I need to be with my kids for that many hours, it might not be very long, but it’s quality time that I’m going to give them. So if I miss an entire day with them, book time and dinner time and it all happens with me and through me. You have to find the balance somewhere as a parent because you have to go to work and at the same time you want to make sure everything around the house is also looked after and taken care of. It’s about finding that right balance.”

She further explained that sometimes it gets tiring for you. “To say this is difficult is an understatement, there are days when I think ‘Oh my God! I wish I had 15 extra hours’ and not one but 15 and then as soon as your children are asleep there will be like a call or something saying your child is sleeping, now can we discuss work or can we love… and I’m like “No, I don’t want to do anything. But that’s all part and parcel of living like I see that in my daughter. She grows up and she goes through different stages and she finds out and she learns to be independent. I know my son will go through the same things and then one day boom! They’ll be as tall as 20 “, had added Neha.

Meanwhile, speaking from the work front, Neha was last seen in Yami Gautam starring One Thursday where she was seen playing the role of a pregnant cop. His performance was well received by the audience.