Esquire’s Bestsellers in Style, Home & Tech for Men September 2022


It’s only September. Seriously, not even two weeks have passed, but chaos has already unleashed on what we thought was a serene fall. For starters, Harry Styles may or may not have spat on Chris Pine. Then Jerry Seinfeld started modeling for Kith (apart from all the fashion establishments though). And these don’t even come close to the history book moments that took place with and since the death of Queen Elizabeth II. I can read the play, and I prefer to relive the butchery of game of thrones season eight before offending a great monarch, however, we find ourselves once again weary of living in historic times.

The silver lining is that none of us are strangers to these historic moments anymore: we have all survived the pandemic. Therefore, there was a lesson that we learned from this, and that is that we like to escape the gravity of the world for a brief moment with a little thing called: retail therapy, i.e. say shopping for the sole purpose of feeling better. And it goes without saying that shopping deals, especially discounted wishlist items, are the best form of retail self-care.

So let me be your therapy center’s assistant – Esquire’s vertical shopping, that is – because I’ve discovered some of the best selling happening in style, home and men’s technology in September. Many, like Everlane sneakers or a Bonobos sweater, are things you’ll happily buy for the next cooler season. A number, like Dyson’s smart air purifier or Apple’s AirPods Max, might have been on your must-have list for a while. Well, now they’re all on sale for the sake of your retail therapy and escape from reality; after parading on social media for a week or two, we absolutely deserve them.

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Style and accessories for men

WAS $129, NOW 30% OFF


Commission Slim-Fit Pants WovenAir

WAS $110, 60% OFF NOW


The Velcro ReLeather Court Sneaker

WAS $129, NOW 70% OFF


Limited edition sweater


Archive Series Lunar Pilot Chronograph

WAS $690, NOW 25% OFF


Cool Formaldehyde™ Purifier TP09

WAS $129, NOW 50% OFF


luminescent light

WAS $799, NOW 13% OFF

Albany Park

Albany Armchair

WAS $380, NOW 34% OFF

The Crucible

Deep dutch oven

WAS $169, NOW 30% OFF

sleeping cloud

Cooling Weighted Blanket

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