Disproportionate profits in energy must be corrected

Photo from Pixabay

I voted in favor of this resolution, with reservations about the call for impromptu tax increases on several fronts.

The disproportionate benefits of energy markets must be corrected on the basis of sound and impartial assessments.

At the same time, increased transparency and regulatory oversight of market-based and over-the-counter gas exchange and acquisition prices should be applied.

As the resolution proposes, priority must be given to helping people in extreme fuel poverty, vulnerable households and SMEs.

On the other hand, the proposed and desirable upgrade of the EU energy platform to a common European buyer of energy sources to achieve economies of scale in purchasing power requires full policy alignment. , but still pending, between Member States.

Equally important, preventive measures must be taken now to counter future crises when the EU has irreconcilable differences with the countries that supply it with energy.

The development of renewable energies is the major way to ensure energy autonomy and sustainability.

In 2018, I promoted a pilot project that set up the Clean Energy Secretariat for EU Islands, designed to support islands in their efforts to become renewable energy communities and to promote related projects. Beyond the emergency, we must not forget the long-term objectives, at the macro and micro levels.


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