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Detective novelist Winslow delays publication of new book due to COVID outbreak


The release of the new book by area crime novelist Julian Don Winslow – and the tour to promote it – has been postponed due to the increase in COVID-19 cases.

“To ensure the safety of everyone – readers, booksellers, librarians – publication must be delayed,” Winslow said in a statement earlier this week. “I don’t take this decision lightly.

Winslow, the author of “The Border”, “The Force”, “Savages” and other bestsellers, expected the new book “City on Fire” to be released on September 21. critics, and the novel had been praised very early in the specialized press. Author Stephen King called it “stunning” in a tweet earlier this summer.

A book tour had been scheduled which included an event in San Diego in early October involving several local bookstores.

“One of the great joys of publishing a new book is interacting with readers on tour,” Winslow said in the release. “In light of the increase in the number of COVID cases in the United States, I have decided to postpone the publication of ‘City on Fire’ until 2022, when I will be able to run at full capacity, meet readers signing lines and shaking hands with people I value so much.

A postponed release date has not been set.

Winslow has been working on the new book for years. Set primarily in Providence, RI, this is a modern account of Homer’s “The Iliad”, an epic poem that recounts important events of the Trojan War and its aftermath. In “City on Fire” the war is between the Irish and Italian crime syndicates in the 1980s and 1990s.

The book, the first in a planned trilogy, is also a kind of homecoming for Winslow, who grew up in Rhode Island and now lives there part of the year. This is her first novel set in New England. Most of the rest – he’s written 21 now – are in California and Mexico.

“The scenes from the book,” he wrote in a note accompanying the drafts, “are minutes from the house I grew up in (or didn’t make it, depending on your perspective) . “

Bookstores in San Diego and elsewhere are hoping Winslow’s postponement is not the start of a trend. They were eagerly awaiting in-person events with major authors after more than a year of virtual gatherings.

Before the pandemic, live events were a major source of revenue for physical stores, which saw their sales undermined by retail giant Amazon and other online sellers.

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