Dennis Richmond Jr.’s FOX Appearance Boosts Book Sales

By Dan Murphy

Dennis Richmond Jr., contributing journalist to both Yonkers Rising and and community leader and advocate for Yonkers, recently appeared on One Nation with Brian Kilmeade Saturday October 29. Richmond, a 27-year-old historian, writer, educator and lecturer, spoke about Frederick Douglass, the idea of ​​kneeling, and statues across the country. Towards the end of the interview, Richmond presented him at Kilmeade with a signed copy of my book, He spoke to my school: an educational journey.

“Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come next,” Richmond said. “On Sunday, October 30, my book sales increased rapidly. I sold five books. After the sale of these five books, five turned into nine. After a while, I broke a dozen book sales. Once I found out, I sold over two dozen books in less than 24 hours. I was speechless – and I am never speechless. Media is powerful and social media is influential. To me, both are equal book sales.

Richmond continued, “It’s a good feeling to create something and know people are buying it. I’m grateful to Brian Kilmeade, Taylor, who I email all the time, and everyone at FOX who made this experience possible for me. From the end of October, He Spoke to My School: An Educational Journey falls into the top 10,000 books on Amazon. Amazon book ratings are due to all book sales. The book is one of the top 500 motivational self-help books. In less than 48 hours, dozens of books were sold.

“I thank GOD and thank you all for your continued support. I’m humbled,” said Richmond, who lives in Yonkers. Follow him on Twitter @NewYorkStakz.