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Comic Conroe Festival to present pop culture


Comic book, anime and sci-fi fans of Montgomery County now have their own convention as Comic Conroe debuts July 23-25 ​​at the Lone Star Convention Center.

The pop culture festival celebrates anime, comics, movies, television, and literature.

Galactic Events is the host and Scott Smith with Impressive Inks in Spring is one of the event organizers.

Special guests include Kevin Sorbo from “Hercules, The Legendary Voyages”; Damian Chapa from “Blood In Blood Out” and “Street Fighter”; Keith Cooke from “Mortal Kombat”; Chris Casamassa from “Mortal Kombat”; Michael Copon of “Power Rangers Time Force” as Blue Ranger; Robert Booker Tio Huffman better known by his ring name Booker T, an American professional wrestler, pro wrestling promoter, colourist and color commentator; David Angelo Roman a Rick and Morty cover artist; Barry Yandell, American voice actor from Keller, Texas; Mostafa Moussa, a 20-year veteran of the comic book industry and Stephanie Ann Nadolny, an American actress and singer best known for her English-dubbed roles of Kid Goku and Kid Gohan.

A car show, signs and workshops, a sellers’ market, a cos games competition and two special events with Sorbo are also planned.

Smith grew up in Houston and has been on the counter as a salesperson for 10 years.

He traveled across Texas and the South to take part in comedy events and after consulting with promoters, vendors, and friends, Smith and others wanted to bring a comic book experience to the Houston suburbs.

Some major comedy events are held in Houston, but he said that for some it was a major undertaking to get to the city for the event.

Their idea was to create a series of comedy events for the Houston suburbs. Conroe is the first in the series. They are also looking to host events in Baytown, Fort Bend, Katy, Galveston and others.

He also said that there is already a large comic book community here and several outlets that support the comic book, anime and sci-fi genres.

The event was originally scheduled for February 2021, but has been postponed due to the pandemic.

The July 23-25 ​​weekend was the first weekend available at the convention center other than the July 4 weekend, Smith said.

When they booked their event in early fall 2020, theirs was the only comedic event this weekend.

Since then due to numerous events postponed due to the pandemic, there are now six shows from July 23 to 25.

“All of the shows are trying to fit into the second half of 2021. The organizers are trying to squeeze 11 months of shows into five months,” he said.

Locally, the Matsuri Con Anime took place in Houston this past weekend and the major Comicpalooza event is slated for that weekend.

He hopes fans who missed Comicpalooza or couldn’t make it to Houston will find all of their comedic interests met at the Conroe Show.

Sorbo will participate in two special events.

“He’s a very down to earth and easy going guy,” Smith said. He lives in Florida with his wife and children.

On Friday night, Sorbo will be attending a movie night at the Star Cinema Grill in Conroe. Sorbo will introduce the film, watch fans, and do a post-film Q&A. A ticket costs $ 20.

“You’re never going to get that type of experience with a celebrity for such a small ticket,” Smith said.

During the weekend, Sorbo will also host a special VIP meeting after the convention closes for the day. He will comment on one of his favorite episodes of Hercules and offer photo ops.

Regarding health and safety, Smith said there will be additional room in aisles and sanitation stations.

For more information, visit https://comicconroe.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/comicconroe. Tickets can be purchased online.


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