The COVID-19 pandemic is still causing financial hardship for many families, including those bearing the burden of paying college expenses. Hampton University, an HBCU in Virginia, jumped at the chance to provide financial and economic relief from impending costs. The president of Hampton University, Dr. William R. Harvey, announced thatRead More →

Although President Joe Biden announced an extension of suspend federal student loan repayments until August 31, current students of Hampton University get additional relief for university expenses. In a recent announcement, Hampton University President Dr. William R. Harvey announced that HBCU will not increase tuition, fees, or room and boardRead More →

HAMPTON, Va. — Hampton University will clear all outstanding student account balances for the spring semester and will not increase tuition, fees, room, and board for next year. According to the university, they acknowledged that many Hampton University students and their families continued to experience financial hardship and suffered dueRead More →

The Student Borrower Protection Center, an advocacy organization focused on student debt, published a report Thursday which examines the levels of institutional debt accumulated by California students during the pandemic. The center estimates that 373,025 students in California’s public higher education systems have incurred approximately $195 million in debt toRead More →

BALTIMORE, March 18 (Reuters) – The rate hikes projected by Federal Reserve officials this week represented a “balancing act” between the need to start normalizing monetary policy in the face of high inflation, while guarding against against a rapid credit crunch that could hurt the economy, Richmond Fed President ThomasRead More →

by David Toscano In his recent SLogLaw Publish “Harrisburg’s COVID-19 response is not a model,” Meryl Chertoff provides an excellent explanation of Pennsylvania’s response to the pandemic. With the exception of using a constitutional amendment pushed by Republicans in Keystone State to constrain a Democratic governor, the dynamics are similarRead More →

Rules promulgated at the end of 2020 under the COVID-Related Tax Relief Act of 2020 provide financial relief and flexibility for employees who participate in Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) for medical care and/or dependents. Following the rules, MCPS adopted the following— Grace periods for spending unused account balances have beenRead More →

There are several reasons why cookbooks remain so popular in an age when any fool (by which I mean me) can google any recipe: cookbooks are often much more than a collection of food preparation instructions. There’s the cook’s personality, their cuisine selection and how they contextualize it. If so,Read More →

Story by Elsie WatersPersonal editor Artwork by Isolate Kimstaff illustrator Condensing a 722-page novel into a single film is a daunting task. If this novel doubles as the first story in an incredibly complex six-volume series, it’s even more daunting. It is precisely this situation that Denis Villeneuve faces whenRead More →

If data is now the most profitable commodity of the 21st century, it is also fast becoming the one with the highest political and social risks. Increasingly, our most pressing real-world crises — from election hacking and virulent nationalism to livestreamed mass shootings and digitally driven job losses — centerRead More →