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Running a business is a demanding job because it requires an entrepreneur to be equipped with knowledge and expertise on a large scale. An individual with a brilliant start-up idea or someone taking over the family business is embarking on uncharted waters. As they deepen, the need to improve is felt. But conventional training in entrepreneurship is scarce, and that is why we see many entrepreneurs with insufficient knowledge of business management. This lack of expertise needed at the different stages of running a business leads to failure.

MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship recognized this problem and tried to find the best solution: the EDGE program. This is a unique program designed for entrepreneurs who have been running a business for a few years. With a curriculum curated by industry experts and innovative learning methods, the EDGE program is guaranteed to change the way you run your business.

The EDGE program is an intensive month-long course in which participants will be mentored by coaches who are themselves entrepreneurs and thus pass on the knowledge acquired through first-hand experience. This course is highly recommended for entrepreneurs who are struggling to sustain their business just after a few years. It not only helps you overcome business management bottlenecks, but also helps shape and grow your business. People taking over their family business need to bring their new perspective to the table in order to effect change. The EDGE program helps them find their voice. Thus, it is an ideal course for anyone in the business of whatever their background.

MIDAS School of Entrepreneurship is a reputable institution known for educating entrepreneurs who bring about substantial change in the world. With a modern approach to entrepreneurial education, they have the success of countless companies to guarantee their credibility. They have constantly developed new programs to benefit the entrepreneurial community and help them hone their skills, learn new skills, and foster their personal growth as well as the growth of their business. They have experienced mentors, up-to-date study programs, and various events to create an enjoyable learning environment. Such a holistic approach to learning makes it an ideal place to learn.

The EDGE program is divided into three modules:

Mastery of Business, Real Time Strategy and Behavioral Intelligence. The first module focuses on business and management fundamentals and will cover topics such as leadership, talent management and retention, and design thinking. The second module teaches you all the practical skills you need to navigate real-life scenarios with topics including power and politics, negotiation skills and financial intelligence. The final module turns your gaze inward and helps you become your best self and manage and achieve your goals.

These three modules help individuals become familiar with every aspect of business management and help them gain a view of the world that is beneficial to their business and personal growth.

MIDAS mentors are very experienced and familiar with the industry. This makes them more than just mentors; they become a trusted guide for all participants. MIDAS expertise acts as a catalyst for the growth of your business. Plus, learning with other practicing entrepreneurs is a great opportunity to network. Even an amateur knows the importance of contacts in running a business.

Thus, the EDGE program is a comprehensive course aimed at facilitating the journey of entrepreneurship for everyone!

The course starts on April 25, 2022 and is a residential course delivered at the beautiful campus of MIDAS in Keshav Nagar, Pune. With all these features of the EDGE program, it is a course that entrepreneurs should not miss. ! You can also book a consultation call with a MIDAS representative to find out more about the course on +91 98502 02666.

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