Brown Finance Review 2022 – Worthy or Not?

London, UK – Mon Brown finance review is not a recommendation but rather an informative review article. I am an experienced forex and cryptocurrency trader and have been in the business for about 5 years now. During my financial trading experience, I have come across a number of trading platforms. It’s because I have a very strict rule when it comes to my finances, which is “don’t trust easily”. You might find this strange, but believe me, I developed this policy because of the very nature of the financial market.

Despite the attractive rates of return in the forex, stock and cryptocurrency markets, there is one dark spot in the market, namely online scams. As more and more people enter the financial markets, the number of scammers also increases. Investors struggle to find a trusted brokerage with protected accounts. If anyone is lucky enough to find a trustworthy broker, they are always worried about getting hacked and losing all the money. If your brokerage firm is licensed and offers security features for your account, you should feel blessed.

I know this because I have been scammed 3-4 times in my five years of trading experience. Sometimes brokers charge additional hidden fees, which only eat into the profits. Other times brokers are not authorized or your accounts are hacked. These are common problems associated with financial markets. Nevertheless, after changing many brokers, I was able to use Brown Finance, and so far it has been an overall pleasant experience.

It was recommended by my friend’s brother, an experienced trader himself. I have been using their platform for eight months now. I think it’s time to write my Brown Finance Review. I wouldn’t say it’s the best platform I’ve ever come across, but it was better than most platforms I’ve used before. Here are the pros and cons of Brown Finance based on the services they offer.

Benefits of Brown Finance

Here I mention the features and services of Brown Finance, which I liked the most:

As I already mentioned in my Brown finance review, finding a broker that offers advanced security features is a challenge. According to their website, they have been licensed by not one but three regulatory authorities including FCA, CySEC, and CIMA. Additionally, they require a 2-factor authentication process for registration and login. This way they keep our money safe and protect our accounts from hackers. 2-factor authentication prevents hackers from illegally accessing our accounts. So far, I have found this platform safe and secure.

One thing you will also appreciate about Brown Finance is its transparent fee structure. They do not charge any hidden fees to their customers. I have come across many brokers who only advertise spread fees. Yet, in reality, they charge an additional price in the name of commission, withdrawal, and sometimes monthly fees. If you look at Brown Finance’s website, you will find that they have a “No surprises” policy. They have already mentioned all the fees on their website. And the best thing is that the price is quite reasonable and competitive.

Brown Finance has a system in place where they prioritize the needs of their clients. I know this because I have contacted them several times. The response from their customer service was prompt and very helpful. They offer support via mobile app, email and phone support. Their customer service is available 24/6 which is very good as the company provides financial services as most financial markets are not open on weekends. I would include their customer support in their favorable aspect as it is very responsive and fast.

I cannot fail to mention their mobile app in my Brown finance review. One of the reasons I always stick with their platform is their mobile app. Most brokers do not offer this service, which can sometimes be quite inconvenient. I’m an experienced trader and I’m keeping a close eye on upcoming events. From time to time, I need to enter the market to capture fast movements, which becomes very difficult without a mobile app. No matter how user-friendly a broker’s platform is, it is not possible to take a laptop with us everywhere and every time for trade execution. In such situations, the mobile app comes in handy and also saves time and effort. I will put this feature in their plus side as it allowed me to catch fast and profitable moves in the market.

Brown Finance can be a suitable platform for almost any type of trader. They offer three types of accounts depending on the requirements of the traders; Mini, Standard and Premium. Accounts come with different minimum deposit limits. I opened my Standard account with them for around $2500. Premium accounts may be more suitable for large traders or institutional traders. While they have mini accounts with lower minimum account deposit limits for beginners. Apart from the deposit limit, the account types also offer different features, including services such as market information, training sessions, and access to tools.

Let me mention another feature in their favorable aspect in my Brown finance review: their wide range of tradable assets offered. Brown Finance owns over 250 financial assets, including forex, cryptos, stocks, indices, and more. Many platforms offer less variety in their tradable assets. Some are specific only to forex, stocks or commodities and others only to cryptocurrencies. But Brown Finance offers all kinds of financial instruments, which is very useful. I always found the asset I was looking for on their platform and never missed an opportunity. All thanks to their dynamic range of tradable assets.

Disadvantages of Brown Finance

Now I will mention some cons of their platform in my Brown finance review.

I have already used many brokerage platforms and have become accustomed to regularly reading financial news. Most platforms offer news sections on their websites as well as on their mobile apps. One thing I missed in their services was the daily and weekly market updates. Although they have their Facebook and other social media accounts, they do not provide market updates. If only they provide such service, I believe they can increase their customer base.

In my Brown finance review, I want to mention that their educational resources are not very competitive. I have used other brokers’ platforms, which offer a high level of instructional guides. Although Brown Finance provides a simple and easy learning guide, I still found it to fall short of the advanced level of the instructional guide. Most of the stuff was in written form and could be a bit overwhelming for beginners. In my opinion, they can improve their instructional guide by including e-books, video tutorials, and sample charts.

Brown Finance also fails to provide one-on-one training to all of its clients. Even though I was an experienced trader, I still felt that something was missing from their service, namely personal account management. They do not offer personal assistance to every customer. But they offer it on demand with additional charge. I somehow succeeded without training due to my past experience in trading. However, newbie traders might find it difficult to cope with the new platform and new strategies. I think brokerage firms should assign a personal account manager to each client and for free.

  • Limited access to all trading tools

In my Brown finance review, the last thing I want to mention is that they offer limited access to trading tools and indicators. I like to use different indicators and technical tools before entering the market. It helps me find a trade signal and generate profitable trades. However, I had limited access to the technical indicators on their price charts. I think they give access to all indicators only to their Premium account type. In my opinion, they should provide access to all technical tools for each type of account.


I have been using Brown Finance for over eight months now. Their fee structure, security features, and tradable assets are outstanding. According to their website, they have license from FCA, CySEC and CIMA. Their platform is very user-friendly and straightforward. Opening an account comes with a reasonable price. A better thing is their mobile app which allows quick trade execution. Brown Finance also offers different account types for all types of traders.

However, you might find their instructional guide boring, limited tools, and ineffective market updates. Concluding my review of Brown Finance, I must say that the services they offer are better than most platforms, although there is still room for improvement. If you know what you are looking for, keep reading more review articles. This is because doing your own research can help you find the right broker for your needs. So far I plan to continue using their platform until I find a better option. Good luck on your side!

Warning: This review is written from my own experience and self-knowledge only, and it is not a recommendation.

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