Booming Hawick factory sees 28% increase in sales

A booming factory in Hawick has reported a 28% rise in sales and pre-tax profits of almost £4million.

After two difficult years, luxury fine wool and cashmere maker Johnstons of Elgin now has more employees than pre-pandemic levels.

The company, which was founded in 1797, has two factories, at Eastfield Mills on Mansfield Road and in Elgin, with over a thousand employees at the two sites.

Managing Director Chris Gaffney said: “2021 has been a year of recovery for Johnstons and we are delighted to have rebounded so strongly, with order books full for the next 18 months.

“The skill of our artisans and the creativity of our design team allow us to produce beautiful products that live long in our customers’ cabinets, while our use of natural fibers and mastery of our supply chain, through our factories in Scotland, enable us to better manage our environmental and social footprint.

“This combination makes us a strong partner for the luxury brands we work with and an engaging consumer brand in our own right. The future is therefore positive and we plan to continue to recruit staff and invest in additional capacities in the years to come.

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In results filed earlier this month, the company disclosed a profit of £3.9m on sales up 28% on a year earlier to £66.4m.

Building on this success, a new recruitment campaign is also underway.

Julie McGlashan, Johnstons Director of Human Resources, said: “Our team’s dedication and love for their craft enables Johnstons to be the world leader in the production of cashmere and fine wool.

“There is great pride in acquiring skills that have been passed down from generation to generation. When you combine this with our continued investment in technology, the roles remain fresh and exciting.

“The lifestyle and beauty of the coastline and countryside around Elgin and Hawick means people don’t want to leave. Therefore, we welcome many candidates seeking a career with us, as they can find a balance between fulfilling, qualified and long-term employment prospects and an enjoyable lifestyle.

“Over 30% of our staff have worked at Johnstons for over ten years, which is a testament to the diversity of roles and growth opportunities we offer.”

To find out more about working and current vacancies at Johnstons of Elgin, visit http://careers.johnstonsof