Big Pharma proves it’s about profits, not your health. The GOP representative excoriates Trump. Nate: They won?

Big Pharma celebrates Americans who get sick. Nate Silver thinks the election could turn to the Democrats. Adam Kinzinger tears Trump apart.

Big Pharma is back

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  • During an earnings call, Pfizer celebrated the chance to take advantage of the end of public health measures: “Prevention is the key and should be the top human priority, not line the pockets,” said one observer. Public health advocates said on Monday that a recently reported discussion between Pfizer executives and investors illustrates exactly why efforts to protect people’s health should not be seen as a driver of profits, while the views of company on declining Covid-19 mitigation tactics have been revealed. As Kaiser Health News reported last week in an article about the pharmaceutical company’s outsized influence on the federal government as the United States navigates the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, executives spoke openly during a May 3 earnings call with investors on the benefits of lifted mask mandates and growing demand for Paxlovid, the company’s antiviral drug.
  • Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger let Donald Trump have it during a recent January 6 hearing.
  • Nate Silver, who was hesitant to see the reversal potential of the 2022 election, finally said it. Roe v. Wade can trigger change.

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