Beth Stelling balances silliness and rage, revisits roots in new hour of ‘Petty’

For Beth Stelling, every city she’s done stand-up in is like a factory, in that you have to make an effort to take care of it if you want your audience to grow. After a few years on the road, it was a big fear that she would be forgotten, but when it comes to Boston, that’s far from the case – and the feeling is mutual.

After more than three years since his last visit to the Commonwealth, Stelling returns to the region with a new show as part of his ‘Petty Betty’ tour, set to take place in Crystal Ballroom in Somerville on Thursday, November 10. With fond memories of taping his Comedy Central half hour at Royale, a stint on Laugh Boston, and most importantly, his time on stage in front of an extremely welcoming and lively crowd on the hallowed grounds of the late Great Scott (RIP), Stelling can’t wait to add to his love for the city with the new hour.

However, with his additional work as a writer on an upcoming season of the stoner cultural phenomenon rick and morty, the Ohio native isn’t shy about admitting that she’s had to struggle to constantly switch between writer and comedian, and balance the two creative outlets while being hard on herself to feel like that she does not always do her best in all areas. But that doesn’t mean she’s taking away from one or the other project to give to the other.

In fact, she deepens her roots as an actress with this new hour to develop and revisit a more avant-garde and narrative approach, much like she did at the start of her career, as opposed to anger and frustration that fueled the call. -hacky insights and lines that made up much of his hit 2020 HBO special daughter dad.

“Our job is to think about something in a way that takes the road less traveled, so for me that’s where I was coming from with my last hour, but in that hour I’m going back to my skills stronger storytelling,” says Stelling Vanyaland. “I still have my tough jokes in there, but since taping my next special in December at my hometown theater at Victoria in Dayton, I’ve been tapping into my home and family roots. I’m bringing back an old story that has found a way to grow since I started telling it, and when you can breathe new life into old stories, it’s such a rewarding experience. That’s why I love adaptations of old books and movies so much. Bringing something old to life is a fun challenge for me, so I’d say it taps into my silliness and storytelling, but there’s always those harsh jokes, and of course my classic touch of pettiness and rage will be a theme underlying.

The pettiness and rage are still so intact, indeed, but as someone who claims she’s “back on her feminist bullshit,” that element of being a voice of no-compliment never really goes away for Stelling. . Embedded in its well-crafted stories and verbal illustrations is a deep-rooted passion to not only speak what needs to be said in the moment, but also to make those who need to hear it most uncomfortable. Whether it’s discussing the many facets of sexism inside and outside his industry, or in the form of a well-placed abortion joke, Stelling is very excited to continue his missions. later consisting of making people laugh while making them think and, perhaps, squirm a little if necessary.

“There are so many words that people don’t like to hear, as you may have seen in my last special, and they are often related to women and our rights, so it’s interesting that people don’t like to hear those words, and I can’t help but think ‘maybe it’s because you want it to be silent and irreparable?’ “Stelling says. “Whenever I can talk about it, I never want to underestimate that because as you go on as a comedian, sometimes those more taboo topics create that blood pressure spike. and heartbeat, or at least they used to, like when you try to crack a new joke or talk about something scary or difficult I have to remember the joy of the women who came before me and talked about these things so that I can do it too. There are always people in the audience who need to hear it, and I like to normalize these things, because even if they don’t say it, that’s fine for them to see it.

With the amount of ingredients at stake in this new show, Stelling is more than excited to return to the area. And with Tooky Kavanagh starring for the one-night stop, the hardcore local comic ultra-supporter she meets from town to town is not only pumped to unleash her own comedic forces once again, but also bring the heat in the United States by accelerating the grinding artists with whom she teams up night after night.

“I’m excited to be back in Boston, and Crystal Ballroom looks like a beautiful venue, so I’m really excited to be back in the area,” Stelling said. “I always love seeing local talent too and supporting them as much as I can whether they need it or not, but it’s just fun for me to work with them and see them be the great comedians that they are on stage. I had a lot of fun the last time I was in the area, so I’m really looking forward to coming back after the last few years.

BETH STELLING: THE PETTY BETTY TOUR :: Thursday, November 10 at the Crystal Ballroom at Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Square in SomervilleMY :: Event Information