Author’s acknowledgments to newsagent for book sales

Sales of a novel about the Romans in Abergavenny have exceeded expectations, thanks to newsagent Paul Cable according to The Red Mountain author Douglas McArthur.

The book went on sale in Cablenews in November and enjoyed steady sales through Christmas. Even after Christmas, the sales continued.

“Thanks to Paul, The Red Mountain sold well, but it would have been very different if he hadn’t been so enthusiastic,” said author Douglas McArthur. The book has been well received and people have been asking me when the next one will be available, which hopefully will be in the summer.

“I wanted to thank Paul for his support and had to rack my brains to find something I thought he would enjoy. I knew he had just bought a canal boat so I photographed him and I had the picture mounted on canvas, which I hope did the trick.

The presentation came as a total surprise to Paul, who confirmed that the photo would take pride of place. “I haven’t had the boat for a long time, but I love going to the canal and working there. This job is very intensive so it’s a way to relax and think about something other than work.

“Doug has been a long time customer and when he told me he was writing a book, I immediately offered a space in the store. I love helping the people of Abergavenny if I can and it’s very satisfying to see something work well and help promote the town.

Early in the book-writing process, Doug decided the way forward was to self-publish. The downside is that all marketing and distribution must be done by the author.

“So you stop being just an author and you start being kind of a literary jack-of-all-trades. Big publishing houses are very reluctant to hire new authors, because unless they’re already famous , selling a new author is very risky.When publishers hire a new author, they have to spend time and resources to get the book out and get it to readers, which costs money. is big business and it is also high risk business.

“As a newcomer to this market I always knew that expanding my audience beyond Abergavenny was going to be difficult and it has proven. The second book in a trilogy on Gaul Legion Auxiliary Lenc is in good track but i’m under no illusions writing and selling books is hard work but when someone stops you on the street and says they liked the book and when’s the next one coming out, then it is definitely worth it.