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Author Denny Dubs’ new book “Pieces of a Life” is a piece of reflection with vignettes and anecdotes of religious experiences as pivotal moments in a lifetime


Denny Dubs, a retired university professor who enjoys traveling with his wife and has a deep passion for Christianity, has completed his new book “Pieces of A Life: Reflections: Sacred and Secular”: a piece of reflection on the presence of the author’s life religion.

Posted by Page Publishing, Denny Dubs’ provocative account interweaves his personal experience with religion and the stories of those who have impacted his life.

In his new book, Denny deals with people, stories, anecdotes, events and thoughts that he has had over the years that have largely centered around his interest in religion. The book is about his life, but there is nothing chronological about it; it’s presented to you in pieces, a piece here and a piece there. Hope you find some interest in these vignettes – some entertaining, some educational – and I hope they enlighten you to think more about your soul, your salvation, and your Heavenly Father. If one story takes you there, maybe more will follow.

Readers who wish to explore this inspiring work can purchase “Pieces of A Life: Reflections: Sacred and Secular” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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