Advanced Blockchain: Composable Finance, an Advanced Blockchain Incubation and Investment, Raised $32M in Latest Series A Funding Round

At Advanced Blockchain, we incubated Composable Finance and led its $7 million seed funding round in June 2021. We have supported the team from the early stages of its creation and continue to do so as it grows. evolve its products, services and ecosystem. We supported the team’s efforts and opened up our network to support Composable Finance as they successfully raised US$32 million in their Series A funding round. The round included notable investors such as…..

Delighted to report that our Series A was a resounding success.

We are proud to be backed by the best funds in the industry as we advance our vision of absolute ecosystem agnosticism.

Stay tuned

– Composable Finance (ALWAYS RECRUIT) (@ComposableFin) March 31, 2022

Advanced Blockchain Helped Build and Position Composable Finance for Success

We are especially proud to see Composable’s rapid expansion and resounding success in the DeFi space. Our team worked tirelessly with Composable Finance to establish a position that allowed them to continue to produce innovations to achieve their vision of a cross-chain DeFi future.

“Advanced Blockchain has supported us with a lot of know-how and their vast network of investors, which has allowed us to grow strongly and develop products for our community. The entire Composable Finance team is grateful for their support continues and we look forward to building the future of DeFi together.” – Karel Kubat, CTO of Composable Finance

As one of our largest investments, this fundraising reinforces and highlights the value our Advanced Blockchain team provides to portfolio companies across a variety of disciplines. We worked closely with the Composable Finance team to roll out new products and services backed by strong community engagement and marketing. Additionally, our research division continues to conduct cutting-edge research with the Composable team to develop new value-added primitives in DeFi.

It is thanks to these rigorous efforts that Composable Finance, beyond the recent fundraising of $32 million, was able to reach important milestones throughout the year, such as:

Composable Finance secures Kusama Parachain in a crowdloan auction: picasso

Composable Finance secures Polkadot Parachain in a crowdloan auction: Composable Parachain

How Advanced Blockchain continues to back one of its biggest investments, Composable Finance

Advanced Blockchain has worked closely with the Composable team to develop and scale its entire ecosystem, including its community, investor network, partners, and valuable products and solutions. This is a major milestone for Composable Finance as the capital will be used to continue their development and talent acquisition. Composable continues to be an example of how Advanced Blockchain, as a company builder and investor, is leading cutting-edge blockchain innovation.

“Our incubation, Composable Finance, has been able to position itself as a successful player in the DeFi space in a short time. Advanced Blockchain will continue to provide resources and support for the future growth of Composable Finance,” says Robin Davids – Head of Strategy at Advanced Blockchain AG.

An entire ecosystem is being built within and around Composable Finance that is having a massive impact on the capabilities of decentralized applications and their ability to communicate across different blockchain ecosystems. This funding round further reinforces the future that our team and Composable have envisioned for the broader DeFi landscape. A vision that involves application interoperability to enable cross-chain and layer application deployment and communication.

We will continue to actively support the team with a wealth of development, marketing, research and operations resources to further strengthen Composable Finance’s position as the face of DeFi.

About Composable Finance

Composable Finance builds cross-chain and cross-layer solutions so that digital assets can communicate and move freely between different blockchains and ecosystems. Composable accomplishes this by building an ecosystem that has a holistic toolset that eliminates the difficulties users and developers face when trying to navigate the siled blockchain space. Composable enables developers to deploy DeFi applications capable of operating autonomously on multiple Layer 1 or Layer 2 blockchains. These next-generation DeFi applications require robust cross-chain and cross-layer infrastructure, including a range of intuitive developer tools for a more inclusive and composable future, for the next DeFi revolution.