Abela says ‘creative ways’ to finance investment and infrastructure projects will be found

Robert Abela, ritrat Partit Laburista

Tista’ taqra bil-

The government has an important role to play in driving the economy forward through investment and infrastructure projects, Labor leader Robert Abela said on Sunday, saying “creative ways” and “alternative models” will be found to finance such projects.

During an interview on the party radio station, Abela stressed that the private sector should be roped in to help the government achieve its big plans, and insisted that it would be a “mistake” if the government ceased to be an active participant in advancing the economy.

The Labor leader stressed that the government was against austerity measures under the circumstances and stressed that economic growth is key to the country’s success.

Abela insisted that such investment and infrastructure projects can still be done, if the government partners with the private sector through PPPs or public-private partnerships, and this would mean both by carrying out the project and would help maintain the country’s economy. Go.

Local media have reported that several planned infrastructure projects that were to be fully financed with national funds will be put on hold as the government continues to fund energy subsidies.

Talking about the upcoming budget, Abela again reminded that no new tax will be levied. He said it might come as a surprise against the backdrop of the current global climate as the world emerges from the two-year coronavirus pandemic and the repercussions wrought by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The prime minister said it was just one of the main measures.

The government is expected to launch its pre-budget document in the coming days.

He said the government would also add new drugs to the free government formulary and planned to add new medical treatments to the national health service.


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